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AMD RX 590 8GB Hackintosh!

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AMD RX 590 8GB Polaris 30 works in Mojave!  


I picked up a PowerColor RX 590 Red Devil today and tested it works like the RX 580/RX480 and is recognized in Clover as 0x67DF1002.   

In About this Mac it shows as a Radeon Polaris.


Mojave 14.2 dev beta 3


RX 590 About this Mac.png

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 12.34.06 PM.png

RX 590 Vaslley Extreme.png

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Update, I hit the bios switch form Quiet to OC.   Valley ExtremeHD did not improve but compute did in Geekbench.  Luxmark remained the same as well.   Also tested on my Pentium G3258 which does much better than my Skylake i5 6500.   Testing with Mojave 14.2 beta 3.  I tested with High Sierra 13.6 and had vey low Geekbench ad Vally scores.  30,000 Geekbench and 8-12 FPS in Valley Extreme.   The Mojave Drivers perform much better at this point.   Sierra would not load the card.


RX 590 G3258 METAL.png


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