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  1. Click on this link to see okrasit fixes for Vega fan, make a copy of the original kext to the Desktop and modify it, place the modified kext in CLOVER/Kexts/Other, don't delete the original one. https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/325120-vega-frontier-edition-on-high-sierra/?page=6 I used this kext a long with my reference Vega 64 cooler, now im using a waterblock for the card so I removed the kext.
  2. Hi Mald0n, I managed for fist time to hackintosh a HP Pavilion Sleekbook 15 laptop with IvyBridge CPU, the most seems working after spending two weeks patching it. The only problem is I cannot fix powermanagement for CPU, can you please help me with that? i5 3317U Intel HD 4000 GT 630M disabled in DSDT and SSDT HM77 Chipset IDT 92HD99BXX Audio working with Voodoo kext (left speaker is weaker than right speaker but its OK)
  3. RandomTech

    RealtekRTL8100 Working but not properly

    I solved it today by reseting the router it all caused (I think) by VPN software I use in Windows. Thanks anyway for your suggestions to help
  4. RandomTech

    RealtekRTL8100 Working but not properly

    Sorry I didn't get that, the BIOS has the option to boot with IPv4+IPv6 UEFI or each individual, or all Network Adapter Boot (enable/disable). Which one would be the correct to set? it looks confusing to me
  5. As I just got my hands on a HP Pavilion Sleekbook 15 with intel i5-3317U and since then I'm trying (struggling) to install macOS, actually everything going well and I succeeded on a lot of complicated stages but: Now as I discovered that RealtekRTL8100.kext is the only which is working for Ethernet but even if it says its connected with green dot in System Preferences, I still have limited access to webpages, not all of them work as they should be, something is interfering Tried to install to S/L/E and repair permissions or put it in CLOVER/EFI/Kexts its all the same. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks. Specs: CPU: i5 3371U (still needs Power Management later) Chipset: Intel HM77 GPU1: Intel HD 4000 (for low resolution 1366x768) GPU2: Nvidia GT 630M (disabled via DSDT/SSDT) Audio: IDT 92HD99BXX (0X111D76E5) (working with Voodoo but I patched the AppleHDA for better audio quality) LAN: Realtek Integrated 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet LAN (Not working properly) WLAN: TP-Link TL-WN725N Nano USB WLAN Stick (working via installer pkg) SMBIOS: MacBook Pro 9,2
  6. It is very strange what happens to your system, I had a lot of issues with Nvidia but when switched to AMD GPU non at all (RX 480 and now Vega), my system runs solid to the point it looks boring to me because there is nothing more I have to do. Even if Macs are not meant to game I still do some heavy title games like Mad Max, heliborne and such for hours, for video rendering at 4K in fcpx or Adobe any kind of video format no problem. Of course there is a lot to be involved, config.plist, kexts and even BIOS settings but all shouldn't be that complicated to achieve. For sure faulty hardware can be also a reason but I don't wish you that. One question, is there a reason which makes you to enable the IGPU in BIOS? I mean could you try without it? OR put this in Google search and click the first result: HOW TO FIX VIDEO RENDERING ISSUES IN FCPX HIGH SIERRA (HARDWARE ENCODING & HEVC SUPPORT). Otherwise maybe someone with RX 580 would help you better because I use Vega recently and maybe things has changed since then when I used RX 480.
  7. Thanks Mald0n, it was on Spam as you suggested and now account activated properly, I'm putting this here so it might help other people if have the same problem. ill send you my both emails via PM.
  8. Olarila website has ruined two of my emails, I went to register now but the website said my email is in use, then changed to another email and waiting for activating forever. Then I realized that I have already registered with the first email some years ago but couldn't have access to the web because of Activation email which couldn't be send to my email.. Now the same story with the second email.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Mald0n delete my emails from Olarila
  9. RandomTech

    AppleHDA Patcher

    Well, it seems no more support or responses for this app got lucky to read before I touch it
  10. RX 580 shouldn't be that complicated to work with on Hackintosh, but ill give you some basics to look at: -(the idea is to properly enable onboard GPU which for me is more suspended for this issue) 1. Do a backup for your current config.plist, simply add it to Desktop. (have your bootable USB near just in case the system can't boot) 2. Now lets work on config.plist which is in EFI partition. a. in ACPI/DSDT/Patches select change GFX0 to IGPU. b. in Devices/Fake ID under IntelGFX insert 0x59128086. c. in the Graphics under ig-platform-id insert 0x59120003 and Inject Intel (delete anything else you've done before). d. in SMBIOS select iMac 18,3 for system definitions. EDITE: Make sure you have the latest Whatevergreen and Lilu kexts for the RX 580. Save and restart in BIOS. Make sure the the IGFX is enabled and DVMT Pre-Allocated is 128M Test this configurations and see if problem still exist.
  11. Thanks @gengik84 kext worked and now continuing the regular installation, so the problem was IDE and it has been solved
  12. Tried that already but no bios there it seems HP dropped the support for this model which is very understandable
  13. I think is AHCI the problem but cannot see any option to change it in BIOS. Im afraid this Ivy Bridge laptop is using IDE and I can see no option to switch between IDE or AHCI