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  1. Try to remove all kexts and keep only the basic Fakesmc and your ethernet kext (both latest) and also basic config.plist then see what happens, try the best SMBIOS for your system which I think is iMac 14,2 if it doesn't work then switch to 14,1 or anything else. If thats the nVidia Webdriver problem as I assume then I have no idea because last nVidia card I used in my Hacki was 980ti two years ago, back then I would boot with nv_disable=1 bootflag to see if the driver is causing the issue (I don't know if this flag still works now), if that is the problem then this link might be useful for you https://hackintosher.com/guides/properly-install-nvidia-drivers-high-sierra-10-13/
  2. RandomTech

    Vega Frontier Edition on High Sierra

    Thank you for the detailed explanation, I did everything right back then when I tried but my only problem was to convert the Windows registry file to hex dump.. Now I know how. One question, If I need to keep everything on stock (Fan speed and clocks) do I still need to modify that Windows registry file which is in 0000 in Windows, Or just can convert it to hex dump as it is?
  3. RandomTech

    New macOS version hackathlon

    As far as I know my hardware are ready for 10.14 and I don't have to install additional drivers, my skills to basic install OS X on a Hackintosh are also good.. The only problem is that I don't have the developers account to get my hands on 10.14 as soon as possible to compete with you guys Wish you all a good luck
  4. Everything working like never before its the best Hackintosh I've ever achieved with your help. Sorry it took me long time and changes/new installations only to solve the 8700K frequency problem, at the end I solve it by removing the internal DVD player which I had since Yosemite, now no problems at all CPU powermanagment works like in Windows or maybe even better. Much appreciate your time and help, to me it means a lot. If I correctly understand you need SendMe after reboot, if yes then here it is, if not then all good: https://www36.zippyshare.com/v/U0wfKk8P/file.html
  5. try remove a vega kext´╗┐ removed vega kext and now all working, sleep/wake, 3 display ports and system boot seems now OK. This is the IOreg now: https://www54.zippyshare.com/v/KMclpXIZ/file.html
  6. Tried it, the system was booting very slowly till I got ''Prohibitory symbol''.. Didn't start.
  7. Thank you! here it is: https://www112.zippyshare.com/v/MbLiOnVS/file.html
  8. Hi MaLd0n, I have some system start problems, the loading bar goes sometimes to the middle and the PC restarts again, sometimes it starts with no problem. Do you want to take a look at my EFI folder again to see if everything is ok?
  9. RandomTech

    Vega Frontier Edition on High Sierra

    I can say nothing because what I wrote is totally different from what you understand, anyway have a nice day/night
  10. In 13 May solved the problem, it was the internal DVD player I had installed in my Hackintosh via SATA cable, I removed it and no problems anymore with CPU frequency, the system is very stable so far. Thanks for trying to help.
  11. RandomTech

    Vega Frontier Edition on High Sierra

    The Editor tool doesn't work on Windows, anyone can be smart enough to give us the steps on how to modify our own Vega cards, or we are forced to use downloaded this modified garbage which can harm our hardware ?
  12. One question, my Gigabyte Z370N has two Ethernet ports and just now I found how to enable the second one, can I use the old ssdt file which was modified for one Ethernet port, or its need to be created again?
  13. Ok I removed all hackintosh kexts from S/L/E.. Tested only your CLOVER folder but booted to a black screen even Monitor having signal from GPU. Update: Sorry, my bad! I think that folder wasn't for me
  14. I have some of those kexts already installed in S/L/E, is it ok to have them in EFI folder too, or I have to delete ?