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  1. RandomTech

    AMD RX 590 8GB Hackintosh!

    Wow interesting, lets hope now for 9900k desktop native support
  2. RandomTech

    Intel FB-Patcher v1.6.6

    For IGPU you need the latest WEG and Lilu, when FBPatcher app is open you can click Framebuffer from the Menu bar to select the macOS you are running. Assuming you have the correct IGPU settings in the BIOS. Anyway, the IGPU patching is in another topic and have all informations we need, here is more about USB (I guess). Edit: at step 3 in Framebuffer Dumps is mentioned what to do, but still the other topic has more details for IGPU
  3. RandomTech

    Intel FB-Patcher v1.6.6

    Sorry guys but the latest I can download is 1.6.6, where is the newer ones ? This app is being useful as much I'm learning how to use it
  4. RandomTech

    Intel Framebuffer patching using WhateverGreen

    Looks easy but the App created Lilu_Suite folder in the desktop with tow empty folders inside, Release and Debug. Im lost again
  5. RandomTech

    Intel Framebuffer patching using WhateverGreen

    There is ''Show in Finder'', is that correct ?
  6. RandomTech

    Intel Framebuffer patching using WhateverGreen

    Thank you for the answer, but I need your patient a little bit more because I never used Xcode in my 3 years of Hacknitoshing. So, I found WhateverGreen.xcodeproj in the Source code (ZIP) of WhateverGreen which is a folder after I downloaded it. Then I downloaded the debug of Lilu.kext and placed it in the same folder Source code of WhateverGreen I ran WhateverGreen.xcodeproj then Xcode opened in a window, now how to compile and export to kext/s ?
  7. RandomTech

    Intel Framebuffer patching using WhateverGreen

    After deleting all IGPU patches, can somebody help me please to understand? Does this mean to download Lilu (debug) and compile it with WhateverGreen (Release) ? Or it mean to download Lilu + WhateverGreen (both debug versions) and compile them ? is there any tutorial on how to Compile Lilu + WhateverGreen ? Or it mean to download Lilu + WhateverGreen (both debug versions) and install them without compile? And yes, I read it A LOT, again and again but still not getting the point.
  8. RandomTech

    Old App Store for Mojave

    nice one
  9. 10.14.1 USB is not booting, it starts at some point and then stop sign
  10. RandomTech

    Intel UHD 630 Desktop in Mojave

    Hello community, After a little bit of tinkering I think is worth to mention that the latest stable Mojave is detecting the Intel UHD 630 even without any config.plist IGPU renaming, I deleted all (IntelGFX 0x59128086, Inject Intel, ig-platform-id 0x59120003) the system was able to boot to the desktop normally and Mojave was still detecting the IGPU under INTEL HD GRAPHICS CFL CRB name, I also never use Whatevergreen. I started changing this configurations because with old method (we used in HS) the IGPU was still detected by macOS Mojave but never utilised. I think this is because Apple is starting officially to support 8th gen Intel CPUs so this is why in ''About This Mac'' is showing the correct name and clocks of i7 8700K CPU. If any one has any idea about this please let us discuss it and see if there will be any new method to make the Intel UHD 630 usable again. btw, Im using IGPU in addition to Vega 64 and still have no problems with FCP H264 export.
  11. RandomTech


    Following you question is hard to recommend i7 7900x or not, I just wanted to explain the good and the bad so you choose what suits your needs. You wanted the most powerful yet the less headache so I wanted to tell you that's not possible because. The most powerful i7 7900x system = Less Hackintosh friendly The less powerful i7 8700K system = The most Hackintosh friendly So now you can choose which one is for you. About your MOBO question, I think all compatible motherboards works the same but from my experience the most Hackintosh friendly to me was always Gigabyte, but please don't take my words as a fact because some say Asus is the best so do your research on that to pick the best one for you. I hope it was more clear this time.
  12. RandomTech


    btw, the same guide is also here in this website:
  13. RandomTech


    Hello friend and welcome to the best Hackintosh website, I'm not in anyway in the moderation team so don't get me wrong if I welcome you just a user who got helped with no limits from this super helpful community here. About your link you might be read the rules again because some famous Hackintosh websites steal the ideas from here and publish them on their websites and get all the benefits from users support for them only, and that one is one of them I think (Better to read the rules as I said). Now to the main question, the hardware you selected are really powerful but in some cases can bring you a headache which you are avoiding to have, they will work but they need a lot of attention with every new macOS release, so the secret behind having a successful and stable machine which will work flawlessly is to follow Apple taste and orientation of hardware, that's the big secret of Hackintosh stability. (Seriously, ask me about that). For video editing a GPU will be the most important part of the system, if not then the second, so in this case I recommend a supported Radeon card as Apple suggests, works flawlessly, stable and fully supported for Apple professional Applications where the drivers are already developed and integrated in the operation system itself, so what's better than that? GTX 1080Ti is a powerful gaming card, but not for Hackintosh as my 2 years experience with GTX GPUs, I used to have GTX 970 and 980Ti but I cannot keep the issues I had to myself, I just want to share. 1. Sometimes windows opened only in a white colour, no content to show up. (Photo attached) 2. Any Apple pro application would never utilise my powerful GTX GPU, just seemed not to be there. 3. Apple loves updates, and with any update I waited to the new Nvidia Drivers with the hope it'll fix some issues still never happened. 4. With any fresh install I should move back and forth in the boot argues to complete the installation. Since I switched to RX 480 and now with my RX Vega 64 I have non of those issues, this cards are correctly utilised and have no headaches to install any update and over all everything runs smooth, that been said you'd better to go with Pro WX 7100 as you were thinking, I never had this one but Apple official website recommends this card as fully supported, so why not? (Hint) a RX 580 would be faster and more beneficial than GTX 1080Ti for any Hackintosh with Apple operation system. Now about X299 and i9, just reading the guides I get confused about customisations and steps to follow even if Im building Hackintoshes since 2011, for me it goes like this: The more steps to take the less stability to have, the less steps to take the more stability to have. So it depends on which one you prefer. Hope this will help you even a bit. Cheers. Rob GTX 980Ti on Sierra