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    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    so its time to lose faith in Hackintosh or what? I always thought is going to come from Apple but it came from the Hackintosh community itself :/
  2. Yes at this time Vega cards are the fastest for Hackintosh which have full and native Apple drivers support, plus all macOS pro applications take advantage from OpenCL which Radeon cards are very powerful with. Vega 56 has 56 compute units and 3584 cores where Vega 64 has 64 compute units and 4096 cores with higher clocks which makes it a bit faster, still the choice is yours. My suggestion after getting the card is to clean install of macOS, I disable iGPU in BIOS and select iMac Pro1,1 as SMBIOS with my 8700K, if you use older chipset and IGPU is required then select iMac depending on your system chipset. Even if those cards work without WEG+Lilu kexts it still better to include them to set the GPU address correctly in the system. FCPX, DaVinci Resolve Apple Compressor and Apple Motion flies on my Vega 64 and I actually couldn't be more happy about its performance. Good luck!
  3. RandomTech

    Help to boot MSI Laptop

    I have successfully created a USB installer which installs the macOS just fine till the end with no issue, my Laptop boots ok from USB installer but never from SSD (as boot SSD never exist in BIOS). The BIOS is not recognizing the macOS SSD as boot drive so its not in the boot options. Clover Bootloader properly installed with EFI mode selected on the SSD, the SSD is formatted as GUI Partition of course. BIOS settings are: Boot Mode: only UEFI (not UEFI with CSM support, not Legacy) XHCI Hand-off: Enabled Secure Boot: Disabled Fast Boot: Disabled SFG Lock: Disabled VT-d: Disabled SATA Mode: AHCI CSM Support: Disabled (its related to only UFEI boot) Security Device Support: Disabled DVMT Preallocated: 64M DVMT Total Gfx Mem: 256M I really don't know what else I can consider about in BIOS. Specs: MSI GE62VR 6RF SkyLake i7-6700HQ + HD 530 16GB RAM 2133MHz GTX 1060 3GB (will be disabled) SSD: Intenso 256GB (already worked in another Hackintosh as boot drive) I don't have this machine in my profile yet as it is still in progress, macOS not successfully installed yet. Any help/suggestion will be much appreciated.
  4. Very nice and detailed guide, I actually don't have this configs but it still encourages me to upgrade to i9 from 8700K
  5. BIOS settings are already AHCI in addition to UEFI Boot, Secure Boot Disabled, Fast Boot Disabled and VT-d Disabled.
  6. Hi everyone, I just got my hands on MSI GE62VR Apache Pro laptop and the purpose of getting it was to Hackintosh. It installs the macOS very well and boots with installer USB just fine, the problem is I cannot boot with the actual SSD EFI partition, BIOS is set to UEFI boot and I'm installing Clover for UEFI as I do with all my desktop machines but macOS SSD not showing up in the BIOS no matter what I try. Any help or suggestion would be much appreciated. MSI GE62VR Apache Pro i7 6700HQ Intel HD 530 + GTX 1060 (this will be disabled) 16GB RAM DDR4 tried on m.2 and regular SSD
  7. I made a USB Installer from this guide successfully and installed to my msi laptop, but after installing clover to ssd the laptop is not booting and the ssd is not showing in BIOS. from USB is booting always with no problem. Laptop: MSI GE62VR Apache Pro CPU: i7-6700HQ GPU: HD Graphics 530 + GTX 1060 (will be disabled) RAM: 16GB RAM 2400MHz SSD: Intenso 256GB SSD
  8. I will, thank you for the offer.
  9. Excellent guide, I'm planning to get Lenovo X1 Carbon and sure this guide will make things easier.
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    is it in the Info.plist ?
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    VirtualSMC ā€” SMC Emulator

    Ok, now I learned how to show all 6 cores of my 8700K in iStat Menus by choosing iMac Pro SMBIOS over iMac 18,3 and sacrificing IGPU and Quick Sync, all good so far. Now my question is how to show GPU Die temperatures when its blank? (As I see is the same for everyone here using VirtualSMC, GPU Die is - ) *Please don't tell me to buy an original Mac from Apple stores to solve the problem because I already know that solution.
  13. RandomTech

    Is a New DSDT required after a BIOS update?

    Welcome Sir Sharing ideas/thoughts is what makes our community more interesting and helpful to me too.