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ASUS N56VB (HM76)] Sierra (10.12.6) and High Sierra (10.13.2) working with full hotpach (No DSDT Patching Needed)

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Well I've past last days reading, understanding and trying to implement all the things mentioned in the guides from different forums, mainly the ones written by RehabMan. This is my first Hackintosh experience and I'm pretty happy with the results I got. Software and modifications developed by the people in the scene is awesome.
I get a full hotpatch system for my N56VB
  • Audio: VoodooHDA 2.9.0d10 + AppleHDADisabler by Slice, Zenith432

  • Graphics (HD4000): Clovers’s HD4000 config by RehabMan with GFX0 to IGPU rename

  • Trackpad: ApplePS2SmartTouchpad 4.7 beta 5 by EMlyDinEsH and PrefPane (Scripts by Masterscript, Kexts and Daemons by Rehabman)

  • Wifi: IO80211Family kext with patched AirPort.Atheros40 by chunnann. NOTE: Some mixed bgn routers don’t work

  • EthernetLAN: AtherosE2200Ethernet kext by Mieze

  • BackLigth: Implemented using new RehabMan guide for Sierra 10.12.4+ (PNLF hot patch (SSDT-PNLF.aml) into Clover’s ACPI folder + BacklightInjector kext + patch for AppleBacklight in config.plist/KernelAndKextPatches/KextsToPatch)

  • Battery Stats: Fixed using custom SSDT-BATTERY.aml made by me porting DSDT patch from RehabMan's repo to a SSDT approach. This depends in some Clover's renames in original DSDT (added in config.plist):

    • Rename ECOR to XCOR

    • Rename SMBX to XMBX

    • Rename SMB2 to XMB2

    • Rename BIFA to XIFA

    • Rename _BIX to XBIX 

    • Rename Method SMBR to XMBR but not method calls

    • Rename Method SMBW to XMBW but not method calls

    • Rename Method ECSB to XCSB but not method calls

    • Rename Method TACH to XACH but not method calls 

  • USB:

    • Internal 2.0 HUB (USB Webcam and USB Bluetooth) need USBInjectAll Kext by RehabMan with custom SSDT-UIAC.aml in CLOVER/ACPI/patched and renaming EHC1 to EH01 and EHC2 to EH02 (Clover Rename Patch)

    • USB 3.0 Port: Work with native Apple drivers by renming XHC1 to XH01 and XHCI to XHC_ in DSDT (Clover Rename Patch)

  • SMBUS: Inject the missing DVL0 device using SSDT-SMBUS.dsl hotpatch from RehabMan's repo

  • Power Managment: Use SSDT-PM.aml generated with ssdtPRGen.sh by Piker-Alpha following RehabMan's native PM guide. Also enable AppleIntelCPUPM=true and KernelLapic=true

NOTE: Recomended to run these to disable hibernation and prevent problems (RehabMan's reccomendation)

sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0
sudo rm /var/vm/sleepimage
sudo mkdir /var/vm/sleepimage
sudo pmset -a standby 0
sudo pmset -a autopoweroff 0
  • Internal Fan Speed: Use SSDT-FAN.aml compiled from original black.dragon74's file

  • Hotpatch Config SSDT: SSDT-Config.aml

  • Keyboard Fn Keys: Use ACPIKeyboar kext by RehabMan's with my custom SSDT-RMKB.aml (and rename patches for CLover) configured to delegate keypresses to ELAN's PS/2 driver by EMlyDinEsH

    • List of Special Keys and state:
      • Fn + F1 Sleep: EC _Q0A - Disabled because bad functioning
      • Fn + F2 Wireless: EC _Q0B - Not in AppleKeyboard
      • Fn + F3: EC _Q0C - Undefined
      • Fn + F4: EC _Q0D - Undefined
      • Fn + F5 Brigth Down: EC _Q0E
      • Fn + F6 Brigth Up: EC _Q0F
      • Fn + F7 Screen Off/On: EC _Q10 - Not patched working properly with ELAN driver
      • Fn + F8 Video Mirror: EC _Q11
      • Fn + F9 TrackPad On/Off: EC _Q12 - Not in AppleKeyboard
      • Fn + Arrow Left(Media Previous): EC _Q6C
      • Fn + Arrow Right(Media Next): EC _Q6D
      • Fn + Arrow Up(Media Stop): EC _Q6E - Not in AppleKeyboard
      • Fn + Arrow Down(Media Pause/Play): EC _Q6F
      • Fn + Space Bar: EC _Q71 - Not in AppleKeyboard
      • Fn + C Letter: EC _Q72 - Not in AppleKeyboard
      • Fn + V Letter(Camera): EC _Q74 - Not in AppleKeyboard
      • Fn + Numpad's Intro(Calc): EC _Q77 - Not in AppleKeyboard
      • Left Assignable Button Button: EC _QEC - Assigned to MUTE
Not Working:
  • Bluetooth: There is no kext for our chip version (MacOS will recognize it but you will never get to use it -our chip needs certain FW download that is not implemesnted in kexts-)
Thank you so much for bringing me the tools to use MacOS in my laptop.
I'm uploading my CLOVER folder with all the SSDTs needed and proper config.plist

(I don't know if I can upload kexts from others devs here so you can get all the kexts mentioned from their developers repos)
(Forgive my english, it's not my native language and I may make a lot of errors when writting)

EDIT: I'm uploading DSL files made by me (I'm not uploading DSL files made by other devs or decompiled from .aml generated by tools like ssdtPRGen.sh because it may offend someone)




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Nice work.


Did you have prior (before starting your hack) experience with coding?


How long did it take from first read (of all information) to the end result? 1 week? 1 month? 6 months?

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lukss12, Could you share the dsl files that you compiled to get the aml files in your patched clover folder?

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Nice work.


Did you have prior (before starting your hack) experience with coding?


How long did it take from first read (of all information) to the end result? 1 week? 1 month? 6 months?


I'm Software Engineer student, so yes I have experience with coding and the nature of different languages. I started like a month ago it took me about 1 week to get all working, then I left it because I needed to study. And It took me about 3 days to transform all the things that weren't hot patches into hotpatches. (When I state "days" I'm talking about the free time one could have in a day (4-6 hs))


The guides by RehabMan are really good and explicative, almost all I learned from ACPI was from there and a little from official specs.

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