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  1. There's an argument to made for "restraint of trade". As in, Apple ACTIVELY blocking their customers from doing their jobs. OTOY Octane workflows are top of mind. Know any 'hungry' lawyers?
  2. 13parsecs

    Low profile Sierra card

    The 1050ti, ss, 1/2 height is more readily available now. 1050ti - Single Slot - Half Height Card - Direct order Its not cheap. On the windows side, my son plays Fortnite at 1080p at very smooth 60fps. View distance - Epic - Everything else "medium" to low.
  3. Hi everyone. Have been following thread(s) on nVidia for a while, and have used search extensively. There is a lot of contradictory information on stability of nVidia drivers. Most say its not worth it. Some say it is? Is that just down to variable, er, ability on building a hackintosh? I have received my 8700k (Silicon Lottery, pre vetted) and would like the brains trust to suggest if I should bother with nVidia purchase: 1. Is it possible (30th May, 10.13.4b era) to get a single 1080ti stable? Especially with CUDA and Premiere and Media Encoder (AE)? 2. Is the driver "quality" better on the Titan Xp? - Is there less 'fiddling' to do on an Xp? (Or was that just a rumour?). 3. Should I just get a Vega FE 64? - Saw the undervolting threads, doesn't look too hard, but its yet another level of injection to support on every point update (probably?). Am I in the wrong thread? If so, where should I post this? Thank you Obi Wan Kenobi...
  4. 13parsecs

    macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 (17E202) is out

    This happens on REAL Macs too, that are partitioned. (In our case Apple CTO 500gb SSD's). Happened to me with a few iMacs with internal SSD's that were 'split' into two, I had Sierra 10.12.6 on one 'side', and then ran HS to the other side/partition, and bam, boot loop. Idea is to have a "instant fall back" to previous install, which worked fine from 10.10x to 10.12x
  5. 13parsecs

    Clover General discussion

  6. Nice work. Did you have prior (before starting your hack) experience with coding? How long did it take from first read (of all information) to the end result? 1 week? 1 month? 6 months?
  7. 13parsecs

    Clover General discussion

    "Cache me outside, how 'bout dat?" Thanks for all your great work Apianti, Slice, Vit, RM, RHM, DFritz, CCPW, et al. Now, about plug and play Thunderbolt...?
  8. 13parsecs

    UEFI Flashing

    Good luck 007. The world is depending on you. Again ps "199 views" A lot of us scan "recent activity", as late-breaking discoveries are to be found there. Don't take it personally if you've had a lot of views without a reply, you just haven't had anyone with relevant experience looking, yet.
  9. Pretty sure he's referring to Apple coders ;-) Thanks for the tips. (I'm learning lots for my Dell Optiplex 9020, which looks like a walk in the park by comparison). Sorry, kinda off/on topic. My bad
  10. Would patching the BIOS on your motherboard help? Some clues here. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/285444-uefipatch-uefi-patching-utility/page-1 https://hardforum.com/threads/tools-to-flash-and-recover-bios-on-asus-p8xxx-boards-fd44editor-ftk.1726429/ http://www.win-raid.com/t455f16-Guide-How-to-flash-a-modded-ASUS-ASRock-Gigabyte-AMI-UEFI-BIOS.html Related: (Shows steps, but for VERY different method): http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/306744-ozmosis-uefi-bios-modding-guide/page-1 NB. I do NOT have an X79 board. Stinga can advise if what I have suggested is useful, or not? Obviously, its downright dangerous
  11. 13parsecs

    Ryzen Clover Installation Guide macOS Sierra

    Nice guide, well done. And, of course, to all the contributors. Q. Have you tried doing any "pro" level work on one? Say After Effects, Premiere Pro, AutoCad et al?
  12. 13parsecs

    Low profile Sierra card

    ################## p.s You'll see in the comparison pic, there is, also, a single slot - full height - 1050ti. It's from "Elsa", and is available online, Japan Amazon. Although, its no good for our "SFF" rigs. As I discovered, the hard way
  13. 13parsecs

    Low profile Sierra card

    FYI: 1050 ti, SFF:
  14. 13parsecs

    Low profile Sierra card

    There IS a single slot/half height, 1050 ti. "Battle Flag" from "ASL", in China.
  15. 13parsecs

    Low profile Sierra card

    Greetings Insanely Mac community. I recently acquired an Optiplex 9020 SFF, (Haswell 4790, stock) and have ordered a GTX 1050ti 4gb. If you google "Elsa 1050ti" you'll find it. You can get it from Amazon Japan. Its single slot, half height. Edit. Its single slot, FULL HEIGHT. (Beginner here). I got one from Amzne Jp. Oh well, future build? There IS a single slot/half height, 1050 ti, Battle Flag from "ASL" in China. I have that on order. too (Helps if you speak Cantonese and can navigate A Barber shop). This is my first hack, so I... have a bit of reading to do. - Just did a first second read through of the ACPI spec, et al.