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HS on 8700K, Coffee Lake

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I can get this working but am having trouble with Graphics.  I am using the HD 630 and while it injects the kaby lake device IDs correctly, I cannot get acceleration. Any ideas?

IGPU works for me. Tested it with a 4k Monitor at full resolution and graphics output has been accelerated. I use a 8700K. The pciid of it's gpu is 0x3E928086. If you have a CPU with a different pciid (i.e. Coffee Lake i3) for it's gpu the kext will not work.


Didn't care about a SSDT for PM. PM is good enough as it is for me. Sleep is working, USB and all devices are working as they should, so no need for a SSDT or DSDT - besides the HDA->HDEF patch in Clover.

Anyway thanks for asking, it triggered an idea about something to test.



Would editing the device ID in your kext work?  I am using 8100.  I edited the Coffee630 kext and changed the device ID to match (to 03e918086).  I can boot with InjectIntel=true and it does in fact load the Kaby Lake driver device IDs, ig-platform-id, etc. But still no acceleration. Is there anything I'd need to do other than edit the 3e92->3e91 to make your Kext work?



Moreover, I used your EFi with few changes on my 8700k build, with my external GPU card removed, and I got perfect Intel graphics with full acceleration.  


I've tried other methods -- just about every possible method of injecting the ig-platform-id and device id, but no luck on the i3-8100.  Bummer, because I can't fit an external GPU in this other HTPC build.


I'm considering swapping the i3 for the i5 8400.  That shares a device ID with the 8700k, so perhaps that would help.



I'd be interested in your thoughts.

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Trying to get an i7 8700k, Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7 Rev 1, 1080ti build off the ground and I'm having trouble getting the installer to make it past stage two. I've been following this guide for the build. I edited smbios to be imac 18,3, updated Fake SMC, followed this guide to enable Nvidia gpu. Kexts are already in the “other” folder, removed EMUVariableUEFi. Also made sure ff and ffm were not zeroes.

Hoping one of you guys that's smarter than me has the time to help me out. Looks like @outdoormagic has the same hardware as me. My Bios is F2 instead of F4a, should I flash it? 

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Brumbaer, do you have a kext for the Strix Z370i Gaming mobo?

I try to install my machine in the next few days, and I can not finr enough informatin for working with series 300 mobos.


The kext in your EFi is for "0.1.0 USBInjector for Strix Z270i Gaming" 





Could somebody post a clover boot log for the asus strix Z370-i mobo please?


I need to know the exact (clover) name for this mobo to be able for using Clover OEM folder.






I finally got my mobo and stuff so I could check the name myself:

'System Product Name' with board 'ROG STRIX Z370-I GAMING'

I'm having a ton of issues with my hack. 8700k on a gigabyte aorus gaming 7 rev1. I had the build working at one point then I botched it. After a format and remaking the usb I can't even boot to the installer. Keep hanging at "waiting for root device" and the circle with a line through it. If anyone has any insight I'd really appreciate it. Attached is my EFI that I modified from Maldon on this thread.

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Core Build


Intel i7-8700k 3.7 GHz — O.C. 5.4 GHz. <<<< I appear to have lucked out with the Silicon Lottery. 

Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 rev. 1.0 F4a



Hey man, I have the same CPU 8700K Delidded from Silicon and they guarantee OC @5.3.

(Also same Gaming 7 board, newest BIOS F5l)

I am trying to push the OC to 5.4, got question for ya,

what VCore you using?

Also what AVX Offset number you have, 

What about "Uncore Ratio" you set in BIOS,

Thanks in advance,  :thumbsup_anim:  :thumbsup_anim:  :thumbsup_anim:  



Vcore 1.43

Turbo Ratio 51 all Cores

Uncore 50

AVX Offset 0


What Geebench 4.0 or Luxmark (CPU only) scores do you get ?





Vcore  1.44

Ratio 53 All Cores

Uncore  45

AVX Offset 0 (I try Auto too, nothing much different)


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On 5.4.2018 at 6:11 PM, maleorderbride said:

Has anyone managed to get dual displays working on Coffee Lake without a discrete GPU? And I don't mean hotplugging the second, but actually leaving it on and connected when the computer is turned on?

I#m interested to make tis too !!

But first I'm having trouble with the newest UPD to 10.13.4. 

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