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  1. Need Help with DSDTs

    Thank you MaLd0n ! this helps a lot to get started, haven't done this for years now but I'll be back on track soon I hope !
  2. Need Help with DSDTs

    Hello, I'm running a new hack on a GA-Z370 Mobo ( see sig ). I'd like to straighten my DSDT and patch it before starting patching through Clover. Seems like the extracted files are pretty buggy. I can't convert the files into .dsl I never had any problems with my older machines , and so far I couldn't solve the errors I am seeing. I extracted with Clover , WIN 7 AIDA and Ubuntu but no joy... Could someone plz be so kind and have a look and tell me what I could do ?! Thanks DSDTs.zip
  3. Since lately i'm having trouble to build Clover, it ends with following build.py... /Users/Xabbu/src/edk2/MdePkg/Library/BaseLib/BaseLib.inf(452): error 000E: File/directory not found in workspace /Users/Xabbu/src/edk2/MdePkg/Library/BaseLib/X64/WriteTr.nasm - Failed - Build end time: 19:00:32, Dec.11 2017 Build total time: 00:00:03 o_Ops, ./ebuild.sh exited with error(s), aborting. can anyone shed some light plz ?! EDIT: SOLVED
  4. 10.10.4 final is out!

    updated without probs , no new patching needed
  5. Clover General discussion

    3205 fails with same error
  6. All fine here...
  7. New OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

    Sorry for being OT , do you think i could flash my GB board this way without "burning" it ? Or would you recommend doing this only for the QUO ? thanks for your advice
  8. If one's not too lazy to search for a sec it's just some clicks. IOKitPersonalities ➜ D-Link GigaFast... ➜ IOMACAddress IOKitPersonalities ➜ Realtek RTL81111... ➜ IOMACAddress
  9. Clover General discussion

    @Maniac10 Never mind, the mysterious icon is gone ! Thanks anyway....
  10. Clover General discussion

    I've updated my main drive from Mavericks to Yosemite. Now there's a little problem with Clover GUI, because it shows both their icons though there is no more Mavericks installation. Does anyone have the same problem and knows how i can get rid of the "false" Mavericks icon ? Thanks in advance
  11. GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3.U1l.DSDT

    Yeah, that came to my mind later that day... Stupid me!!
  12. GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3.U1l.DSDT

    Have the same board as you. Was curious about your edits but unfortunately the DSDT file seems to be corrupted.
  13. @ C.Frio -close Appstore -go to ~/Library/Cookies and delete com.apple.appstore.cookies -go to ~/Library/Preferences and delete com.apple.appstore.plist -open Appstore again -enjoy your download
  14. Clover General discussion

    Have you checked your Startup Disk prefpane ? I know it sounds trivial, but who knows... ;-)
  15. Clover General discussion

    Sorry for being OT, but does anyone know what happend to the apple hardware dumps site from "TEA" ?