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  1. Clover General discussion

    I have Clover 4392 installed and I am unable to boot in safe mode. I get the circle with a slash through it instead. I remember having issues with safe mode in previous Clover versions as well, but never really needed it to work until now. Should safe mode be working? Any tips on troubleshooting? Attached is a picture of the contents of my drivers64UEFI folder. This is on an ASRock X299 board running 10.13.4.
  2. ThunderBolt Drivers

    You are saying that thunderbolt hotplug works natively on your machine with no edits of any kind? I don't think that is the case as you would be the only person in the world to have this. It seems more likely you have other files or pieces still in place. It is quite possible this method simply will not work for your purposes. Note, this is "PCI hotplug" not actual native Thunderbolt hotplug, so it may not work here. Also, some devices do not support either thunderbolt hotplug, or do not support PCI hotplug. You would need to check in the Info.plist of your device kexts to see if they even contain IOPCITunnelCompatible=Yes, or perhaps other settings.
  3. (pre-release) macOS High Sierra 10.13.5

    H264 export in FCPX already works with Vega without iGPU. Just use an SSDT to inject Kamarang (for my Vega 64 anyway) instead of RadeonFB, plus Whatevergreen, and iMacPro1,1 SMBIOS. That works for me with FCPX in 10.13.4.
  4. ThunderBolt Drivers

    I took the values from PikerAlpha's blog, but I also posted where he derived them from (published APCI specs) that are freely accessible (page 4 or 5 of this thread). Copying the iMacPro makes the most sense to me, so why not try cutting the HS01/02, and change the 0x81 in the PLD's to 0x82. I'm not sure about the other values in the PLD buffer as the ACPI specs don't define what Piker chose to do there. The specs do offer other examples you could try though. Perhaps you should change your devices to match your actual ADR's found in a raw ACPI dump. My USB 3.1 device was at 0x00020000 so I inserted that device at DSB2 (the MacBookPro13,3 had the same pairing of 0x00020000 with DSB2 for it's 3.1), but perhaps your need to adjust the location or ADR? I allude to this in my original post, but this is just speculation on my part.
  5. ThunderBolt Drivers

    There are two version of the Gigabyte Alpine Ridge card with the same model number and name. The newer one uses JHL6540. Perhaps your TB devices are part of the equation. Do you have TB3 hard drive you can test with? Or are you using TB3->TB2 adapters here? The Apple one sucks, try the Akitio one if so.
  6. ThunderBolt Drivers

    IOreg says it is corrupted. Can you use the same version of IOreg you used on the previous post? I could open that. Whether or not an SSDT is "correct" is completely dependent on your motherboard, so that's why we need the IOreg with the SSDT loaded.
  7. ThunderBolt Drivers

    How can anyone help you if they can't see what effect the SSDT is having in your system? I see your old IOreg now, but it is useless since you aren't injecting any thunderbolt information. Follow the instructions again. Post just an IOreg with the SSDT installed.
  8. ThunderBolt Drivers

    You have quite a few things in your earlier post that one can download, but none appear to be your actual IOreg. Also, the Alpine Ridge card must be on the latest firmware, so make sure you are also at FW21. (requires Windows) Follow the instructions in my post to modify your own SSDT. Report back if hotplug is working or not, and attach an IOreg.
  9. ThunderBolt Drivers

    Are you on the latest firmware? 21 I believe. That screenshot looks valid, but I can't see if you have PCIHotplugCapable also set as One. You say you tried several "version" of the SSDT, but did you ever follow my instructions and modify your own to fit? It's quite easy. Do so and verify with an IOreg attached.
  10. I am helping a friend with a 6950X on a Gigabyte X99 board in 10.13.4 with the latest Clover. However, the CPU won't go any higher than 3.5GHz (no turbo) despite being overclocked to 4.0GHz and EIST disabled. What are the minimum kernel patches needed for 10.13.4 and a 6950X? Thanks!
  11. ThunderBolt Drivers

    Kiiler SLI/ac
  12. ThunderBolt Drivers

    Glad you got it working! It's too bad the forum took a {censored} as soon as I posted this, as it's all the original info to get it working. This is a low-end motherboard, and where the TB3 lanes come from appears to be a "feature" reserved for more expensive boards. ASRock has a published list, so there is no guesswork. Granted, I haven't looked up the Gigabyte board info.
  13. ThunderBolt Drivers

    The ASRock card is a PCI-e 3.0 x4, and it has to be installed in that slot on my motherboard. (Looks like you found a similar installation requirement) As for the PLD values, those are taken from Piker's blog when he was injecting a USB 3.1 PCI-e card. I think the UPC value of 0x09 is more important (or 0x0a), versus the 0x03 that other methods commonly use. Although, now that I look more closely at the ACPI specifications, perhaps it should be:. It looks like those PLD values don't particularly matter. The bottom first two values are physical orientation, but it looks like they don't have to be hardcoded. See the ACPI 6.0 specifications: http://www.uefi.org/sites/default/files/resources/ACPI_6.0.pdf See pages 524-531.
  14. ThunderBolt Drivers

    I have never used the arbitrary method, so I can't speak to it really. I just mentioned it in my post as it seems like a hypothetically easier method for mass adoption. I think you would use one or the other (SSDT or injection), not both.
  15. ThunderBolt Drivers

    I've re-uploaded the stock SSDT. I guess the forum migration corrupted it. It sounds like you have a USB hub that is not being initialized after wake from sleep. Try googling for other people with USB problems after wake from sleep. Perhaps you will find something promising. Otherwise, all I can suggest is that you add the XHC device and specify the port behavior as in my SSDT and report back. (edit: I looked at your IOreg and the monitor doesn't even use this controller, so this won't do anything) edit: I see that your 5K is a TB display, while the 4K is a USB 3.1 display. Lastly, I don't see an EC device in your IOreg. In fact, I don't see that you have done anything to get USB working properly other than adding the 10.13.4 port restriction patch (without removing an old USB patch as well). There are plenty of guides, but you need to go do the work. I've re-uploaded the SSDT, but it is the code that is embedded in the body of my first post on the matter. You define the XHC device and provide some basic info about the ports just like with any other USB ports. This clears up some boot errors, so it does something. This is enumerating the USB 3.1/2.0 portions of the actual thunderbolt ports, not a hub that you have daisychained to a thunderbolt device.