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Windows 10 to go .USB


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I installed windows 10  on a 2.5 laptop hard drive on the Dell Laptop. 

activated then removed the drive from laptop !!! 

install the drive into a usb portable hard drive case.

hit f12 at boot select usb boot > good to go ! 

will not update windows 10 OS, just defender and apps.

I use it for personal stuff ,like banking with Quicken.

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That's something that I want to know more.


It's like Ubuntu Live?

look here: https://rufus.akeo.ie


with Rufus you can create Windows 8/10 USB install disk with MBR or GPT partition scheme for old (BIOS) or new (UEFI) bootable disks and there is a nice feature to create Windows to Go USB disk.

I'm using it for all sort of purposes like data recovery or troubleshooting PCs.


As @DSOS mentioned above the best performance will be achieved using a SSD external drive or a High Speed USB 3.0 flash drive.

I usually use SanDisk Ultra Flair and it works really fine with both macOS and Windows it has a 130 MB/s read performance.



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