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Audio over HDMI on GTX 1060


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I'm looking for solution to have sound over hdmi working on my GPU MSI GeForce GTX 1060.
Is thera already any way to enable this function?

Now I'm using AppleALC and AppleHDA kext to have sound.

I have tred to run audio_cloverHDMI-120.command.zip from pinned post but it is for El Captain and I have macOS Sierra.
Script returns that "there is no codecs found"


Thanks for help

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-Post ur full Clover folder with original tables, press F4 in Clover Boot Screen, files generate in Clover/Acpi/origin

-Post Ioreg, extract with Ioreg Explorer

-Run it, post files generate in ur desktop


What ur motherboard?

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These are files you asked about:

- Clover / acpi / orgin



- Ioreg



- Run it




I have tried to leave only AppleALC.kext but it makes that sound doesn't work at all.
In folder Others - I have no kexts.

My moboard is MSI B150M Mortar

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Nvidia/Pascal/Web drivers / HDMi audio on HDMI port does not work, HDMI/DP audio does work on DP ports. 


So, I have a GTX 1080 TI and the latest web drivers, with Clover 4243 on an X99 motherboard.  I was trying to get HDMI audio to work but couldn't.  VoodooHDA does work but there is this odd lag with it.  I read your post and wondered, can I get audio over either an HDMI or DP connection?  Or must it be an DP2 to HDMI cable?  Or if you know of a fix for my VoodooHDA lag, that would work also.  I tried Toleda's script and the only way I was able to get any sound off this configuration was with AppleALC (analogue).  


Thanks in advance!

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