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What Mainboard / Ram for "optimal" OSX86-Performance?

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Hi everybody,


as you can guess, I'm new to this forum, kinda new to osx86. Me and some friends tried to get osx86 to run, with no success. But now my crappy system is completely out of duty. I think, the mainboard and the cpu are bricked. Well, if that's not an opportunity to get myself a osx86-compatible system? :D


I have read through several Postings in the Board, and now I'm considering to buy the following hardware:


CPU: Intel Core2Duo E6300

MOB: Gigabyte GA-945P-S3


1. Will everything work fine without much hazzle? (Sound, Network, USB etc.)

2. Is there a better Mainboard, maybe with better o/c-possibilities (max. 140€)?

3. What OSX86-Install-Disc is currently the best? No Link, just names! I'll search for myself :)

4. What Ram shall I use?

5. Any Restrictions about the GFX-Card? Or is a FX5200 enough?


Thanks in advance :thumbsdown_anim:

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1. Should be


3. Jas' OSX 10.4.7 Disc. Go with that first , OSX 10.4.8 might have lots of improvements , but to play safe lets go with the old one , since they are a lot of kexts for it


4. DDR2......


5. If you want OpenGL/QE/CI , go with ATi for now -or- get yourself a GMA 950..I think it uses a PCI-E slot , so FX5200 would not even work

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Okay, I did some financial researches, actually, a complete core2duo-environment would cost me about 500 bucks, inlcuding cpu, mobo, ddr2-ram and gpu.

Now I checked out the alternatives with AMD. The following hardware-components are as good as bought ;)


CPU: Athlon64 (939) 4000+


GPU: Gigabyte X1600 SilentPipe II


The components were spyed out using the wiki-hardware-list.

In this one, the gpu and mobo seem to be pretty ok, with a little patching here and there.

I guess, this is a good PC to try out, maybe work normal, with osx86...or? :rolleyes:

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