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Hanging booting normally, fine in safe mode: IOHDACodecFunction

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I upgraded my ElCap install to Sierra (Beta 1) mostly without issue. When I first tried the post install boot it seemingly hung.


Turning on verbose there seemed to be an issue caused by a broken install of Little Snitch. Having uninstalled LS, on the next normal, the boot log kept repeating:

busy timeout[0], (60s), kextd wait(0): 'IOHDACodecFunction'

After removing the AppleALC kext, I was able to boot normally.

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Cheers. It was a combination, the AppleALC was old and wouldn't have responded to that argument. I will try it out again soon, now that I have a baseline.

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On 8/22/2016 at 5:20 PM, artur_pt said:



must insert this boot flag




good hack

My hack still slow boot at this stage : "iohdacodecfunction" although used to above bootflag, clear ticked acpi and vice versa.


Do you have any guidance to make my hack boot normaly?

VoodooHDA good and my hack will boot fast, but the audio not very satisfy.

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