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  1. you didn't explain your hackintosh specs, what's bootloader did u used. actually, this card is working OOB with clover bootloader only by thick Inject NVIDIA option in clover configurator apps.
  2. hooda

    NVIDIA® WebDriver Updater.app

    is this web kext work for Nvidia gt210?! because I have OpenCL disable with native kext.
  3. hooda

    AppleHDA Patcher

    nice tool.. easy to use. thanks micky and mirone.. you're awesome!! https://youtu.be/X4vpL6zyCDs
  4. hooda

    AppleHDA Patcher

    hi micky, please fix applehda patcher on Pandora, the apps not reacted when i try to patch.
  5. hooda

    Pandora's Box OS X installer

    Nice micky.. i've been updated in 3.0.16 now. total nice stuff. i love it much. hope god bless your life a lot.
  6. hooda

    Pandora's Box OS X installer

    i can't update pandora to version 3.0.15. i've been used pandora 3.0.14 now.. any help? because i dont want to redownload whole file.. i am in slow internet connection. thanks micky..
  7. hooda

    Chameleon OS X El Capitan

    is the file include with post installer too..? thanks.. can't wait to try it.
  8. i think u need to move all gfx kext in /S/L/E to another place first, and then try to reboot again. maybe it helps just for boot in to your osx desktop.
  9. hooda

    Looking for CorelDraw

    Mine.. http://youtu.be/wh48w2xT41g
  10. hooda

    CorelDraw 11 dont work in OSX x86

    Hi... here is my coreldraw x3 run on yosemite without any vm apps. http://youtu.be/wh48w2xT41g
  11. hooda

    Essential Applications and Utilites

    CCleaner now is active again, they release a new version.
  12. Hi geeks, first of all, please pardon me if this thread is in false place. and sorry for my english speak. Hmm... when i used hackintosh, its interesting.. i plan to create a small internet cafe, where for the gateway, i plan to used hackintosh for internet gateway.. so in this hack pc is where i installed proxy application and internet billing. and for the client -pc, i plan to choose windows os. but i can't find any crossplatforms internet cafe apps for mac, any people here know it..? Please share an advice.. Thanks in advanced.. .::emwe::.
  13. hooda

    Pandora's Box 2.0 Candidate 3 roll out

    Hi micky... it's a great tool.. i hope, you will add Update feature for any update release. so the user can update your tool without download whole packages.