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  1. Cheers, I had Lilu ver 1.2.3 there but had removed NvidiaGraphicsFixup as people were reporting it working well without it. I'll give 1.2.6 and 1.2.7 a try. Note since I rebooted, the problems hasn't cropped up again yet BUT I didn't try recreating the problem again.
  2. Seems to be [21:36][rob@iMac:~]$ kextstat | grep nvidia 118 2 0xffffff7f80c1a000 0x679000 0x679000 com.nvidia.web.NVDAResmanWeb (10.3.1) 8E2AB3E3-4EE5-3F90-B6D8-54CEB8595A5F <110 101 100 12 7 5 4 3 1> 119 0 0xffffff7f815be000 0x1a7000 0x1a7000 com.nvidia.web.NVDAGP100HalWeb (10.3.1) 0CDFBF48-5CD7-3C97-A083-A7E179C25654 <118 12 4 3> 122 0 0xffffff7f81942000 0xa8000 0xa8000 com.nvidia.web.GeForceWeb (10.3.1) B4761F6B-66C5-3512-BD13-2CCC7BCC1868 <121 118 101 100 12 7 5 4 3 1> 160 0 0xffffff7f81a46000 0x2000 0x2000 com.nvidia.CUDA (1.1.0) 4329B052-6C8A-3900-8E83-744487AEDEF1 <4 1> Yeah on the covers it was quite pretty, didn't mind it there, but once it spread to the desktop and browser it was pretty ugly and hard to work with.
  3. Using YACReaderLibrary for a while suddenly all the comic covers were corrupt, and now so is Safari. Which on screen now looks like on my screen (swapped to mobile safari as Mac now messed up)
  4. Finding the new driver works well (without the fix kext installed), although not perfect. i played a WMV video file in VLC last night and had weird graphical breaks across the screen (like something hit glass at a specific point and breaking in pieces). Have a 5 sec video demonstrating it but it’s apparently too big to attach.
  5. I only installed HS a couple of days ago but I have had weird text & UI corruption / flickering in Chrome last night (1080ti, using latest Webdrive and NvidiaGraphicsFixup), and I've seen light flickering once in Safari's toolbar. Not something I experience in Sierra.
  6. It was a security beta for after 10.12.6 it seems. (I thought I'd turned beta off, but it had turned back on again) I've gone and installed 10.13.4 now anyway.
  7. AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Cheers, I had missed an entry in the KernelAndKextToPatch section of config.plist. I thought I had disabled it, but obviously hadn't saved after I made the change. Audio now fully working, thank you.
  8. AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    I'm looking for advice on what I might be doing wrong with this setup. I have an Asus Z97-A motherboard which uses ALC892 On Sierra, I used toleda/audio_CloverALC using Clover Injection and Layout ID 1. It had worked a treat, and I was using Aggregated Surround sound (Built In Output, Built In Line Output 1 & 2). On moving to High Sierra today I used the vit9696 AppleALC kext and its MOSTLY working. Built In Line Output 1 & 2 are both working and happily driving the subwoofer, centre and rear speakers. However I'm getting no output from Built In Output, which would drive the front left and right. I edited the config.plist to rename HDAS to HDEF in ACPI, and under devices told it to Inject Layout 1. According to ioregisteryexplorer, I do have HDEF and its using Layout 1.
  9. Anyone have the WebDrivers for 10.12.6 version 16G1404 handy? Been a while since I used my hackintosh and I've completely forgotten the mod I need to make to the package to get it to install.
  10. I've read the successes with Fresh installs of High Sierra and Nvidia. Anyone succeeded with an upgraded install? Looking to upgrade my Sierra install (with a 1080ti) to High Sierra.
  11. This is really disappointing. Was hoping to try out HS, but I've a GTX 970. Hope Nvidia & Apple sort themselves out soon.
  12. Went back to a much older version of Clover (3922, thank you backups) and it still wouldn't boot. Then I remembered that a little while ago I let AISuite in Windows tune / overclock the CPU (i7 4790k) from the stock 4GHZ per core to 4.5GHZ. It also dropped the ram speed from 1600 to 1066 and set the BLCK speed to 125, from 100. Resetting those changes in the BIOS allowed OSX / Clover 3922 to boot! So was it because there was a CPU key section in the config.plist which had values that didn't match what the bios was using? or because XMPDetection was set to false (and AISuite had disabled the XMP profile in the BIOS) ... or what I wonder. Just as an addendum ... Reading the Clover config.plist docs, it was that the BusSpeedKHz was set to the old value. To quote the docs "If this value is not correct, the kernel will not start at all.". After the bios change there was a 250khz difference. Also having the FrequencyMHz set can "cause system instability ....". So there we go.
  13. Tried updating from 39xx to 4035 (manually copying files from the Clover ISO to the EFI folder) but still hangs in the same way. I have been using OsxAptioFix2Drv No change with KernelPM set. It's not something I've needed previously. (Running 10.12 ATM, Clover docs suggest this is for 10.8.5 and 10.9) Now trying Verbose and Safe Mode together is sometimes causing the computer to reboot. Text on boot: Occasionally you'll see "p" or "pani" and a solid cursor block. So its panicing very early. One of thing of note. While it's sitting on the +'s the fan is getting faster & slower and occasionally I can hear the HD spinning (there are a mix of SSDs and HD's in the computer). -- Edit 1 Tried deleting the kext cache manually. but no change.
  14. I tried to boot into my Hackintosh for the first time in a 2 months but it is hanging at the Apple Logo. When I turn on verbose (Clover) it hangs after printing a bunch of pluses / +++++++++. I tried to boot into Safe mode but same results. I also can't boot backup clone (uses same Clover install). I am trying to remember if when I last used OSX I updated Clover or not (no changes made to config.plist since last year, nor any hardware changes to the machine). Certainly till then it had been working fine with 10.11 & then 10.12 Is there any easy way to create a Clover updater that doesn't require going through creating a full installer? I can work inside the EFI partition from Windows if there is anything I might be able to do from there.
  15. Cheers Mieze, I will keep an eye on that. Shame Apple made it so awkward to see whats going on. (esp as my logs are apparently being spammed with "kernel: (Sandbox) SandboxViolation: com.apple.PhotoI(756) deny(1) mach-lookup com.apple.photoanalysisd" warnings). Amongst others.