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For all of those who enjoy using the finest controller ever created by mankind to play various games:




You can buy one of these as I have tested it and it works 100% without any kext files or drivers!


The Tiger SuperJoy Box:




Get it for your gaming needs, emulators, and even games like prasys's favorite: Neverball!


This item rocks in making OSX feel more at home for those who love the PSX2 controller and gaming!


I will continue to test VARIOUS usb devices and report back new results when updates occur! :blink:

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Drivers shouldn't be a problem for any controller since there is this:




You can even use your gamepad as a mouse with it.


How about the vibration? does it work?

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I can play on the PCSX emulator with the "Game Ron" USB adapter without any additional driver on my 10.4.7 installation.

It's well recognized in System Profiler too.


I did not get very good results with the analog joysticks though.


Going to try this USB overdrive then :)

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As I said in my post the device does NOT need drivers...


I surely have read your post, and I didn't claim that there was a problem with that device, I just said that any USB controllers would work with that one. Just some extra info for other readers.. :)

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