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Xeon E5-2630 V3 on C612 or x99 motherboard?

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Hi guys, LTNS!


I happened to got a new E5-2630 V3 CPU on my hand.  :whistle:

I was intending to sell the CPU, however I found out the price I could earn doesn't seems to be quite worth for this CPU.



I've searched plenty posts, and found out 1 or 2 of the posts appears to convince me this CPU could work, but I am really NOT SURE...   :wallbash:

And I haven't see anyone use a LGA2011-3 server motherboard under OSX yet.


Would the LGA2011-3 server motherboard with C612 chipset work, and even for the boards with two CPU slots and two 8-core Xeon E5 V3 CPUs?

If I only install one CPU on the dual-CPU board, will it work too?


And, by the way, does anyone know if Supermicro motherboard's quality and warranty is OK? Because I can only find very very few comments and reviews about Supermicro in Taiwan; and most of the comments appears that this company has a bad warranty service for its retail motherboard in my country, at least.

Otherwise, I'll just go with Gigabyte or ASUS(? :unsure: )'s X99 boards, and give up C612 server boards.











In fact, I have a new GA-Z97X-UD7-TH (without a haswell CPU yet  :wallbash: ), and I wonder if this Xeon CPU along with X99 or C612 would work perfectly under OSX just like those Z97 chipsets, in the near future... Since I've seen some comments indicated that not until Apple updates its Mac Pro with LGA2011-3, will x99 still require a patched kernel. And I think patched kernel means no native (or fully) power management? Otherwise I should alter to Z97... 


I kinda feel like me as a noob... :|


Any help and advice would be pretty much appreciative!  <3

Love you guys!  :)

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Are you still continue this build? If you interest you can pick some X99 motherboard from Asrock. Unlike other X99 boards, Asrock support both xeon and i7 2011-v3 cpus. So basically you can put single xeon on those boards and ECC memory without worries. 

For example (X99 Extreme 6): http://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/X99%20Extreme6/?cat=CPU

I'm also plan to build X99 with Xeon/i7-5930K, but since Broadwell-E and Mac Pro 7.1 probably roll out this year, i'm holding back and keep the motherboard only, until apple released a new mac pro with broadwell-e processor to get better native cpu support.


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