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  1. oh my, i'm wrong...not near 40K. It's over 40K!
  2. 36K on 32bit tryout geekbench....i wonder if he use the 64-bit geekbench...it must be crazy near 40K
  3. don't have this device~ but for learning purpose, i'm digging into dsdt.dsl files and finally know how to disable device (GFX0) and replaced with new device (IGPU) following with usual DSM method. many thanks

    The Dune Case: A Cylindrical PC Case

    if you want put xeon E5 inside, it’s possible using X99m board from asrock~ asrock X99 lineup board are pretty unique compared from 2 famous big brand we knows, they supported xeon and ecc module. even they the first x99 board which allow up to 128GB memory for i7-5xxx without bios update. with xeon and ecc inside, performance will similar to genuine mac pro (for cpu at least), and don’t suffer from lack of pcie lanes~ the main concern is cpu cooler, can low profile air cpu cooler keep cooling down xeon chip? especially for who want overclock them to gain more performance (only for xeon e5-16xx since it's unlocked) for powerful serious GPU, probably waiting with nvidia pascal/amd polaris with HBM (HBM tend to have smaller form factor but still powerful, e.g amd nano/fury) personally, i’m not big fans of MP6,1 enclosure model. but this one quite high-quality compared than similar cylinder case project from various chinese manufacturer. at least for you guys using MP6.1 definition, it will cosmetically match between about this mac and your physical computer~ good luck guys, i want see one of you finish your hack inside those case. by the way sorry for my bad english~

    Decompiled original Apple DSDTs

    uh yeah...rapidshare is already shutdown their service on 2015, i'm need mac pro 5,1 dsdt as reference so i can rename and matching my dsdt like genuine macintosh. i'm googling and searching over internet and can't find good results. if somebody re-upload it will be nice. it also helps people who searching dsdt from genuine macs in future.
  6. Are you still continue this build? If you interest you can pick some X99 motherboard from Asrock. Unlike other X99 boards, Asrock support both xeon and i7 2011-v3 cpus. So basically you can put single xeon on those boards and ECC memory without worries. For example (X99 Extreme 6): http://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/X99%20Extreme6/?cat=CPU I'm also plan to build X99 with Xeon/i7-5930K, but since Broadwell-E and Mac Pro 7.1 probably roll out this year, i'm holding back and keep the motherboard only, until apple released a new mac pro with broadwell-e processor to get better native cpu support.
  7. Exactly what I'm need. I'm curious why my boot entry like "Mac OS X" is always show even I'm remove all physical disk. Have several identical entry is bit annoying. Windows easy UEFI looks make this job easier, but my windows still legacy, so i'll try clover UEFI shell instead. Thank you for this solution ♪

    Introduce yourself.

    Hello There. Nice to meet you ♪ In past, I'm using OSX 10.4 with classic environtment (OS 9). For some reason I'm quit with MacOS, then switch to build custom rig using Windows. In late 2015, back to OSX again but as hackintosh machine. My first build experience using 3770k was nice. Hope i can learn better handling DSDT related issue and optimize them for better performance and stability. Cheers, have a nice day
  9. Trying with fantomas build. (Particles OpenGL ES 2 Demo) And I’m curious how metal using system resources, and then fired up activity monitor : 1. I’m running this test about 5 minutes. Is metal really using GPU? My CPU is stressed about 85% and GPU stress is low. I’m running this test about 20 minutes. 2. Animation is quite smooth, but sometimes became laggy and continue smooth. In Demo app it’s show 11-14 fps, but in iStatMenu GPU monitor shows 13-60fps.
  10. Result 10.11.1 using GTX960 2GB (Inno3D GTX 960 iChill Ultra), with mitch_de compile : 1000000 2000000 3000000 But while I’m running this test, my GPU load not maxed out, no more than 20% even in 3000000 particles since i think it will pushed out GPU to render those animation. VRAM usage is not affected.