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OS X El Capitan 10.11 Public Beta

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une version beta publique OS X 10.11 est sur la toile que nous pouvons recevoir sur nos hackintosh AMD normalement via nos comptes App Store  , il serait intéressant de créer un onglet dans la présentation "AMD développement"

Merci aux Coder et Developper d'avance , je tiens mes machines à disposition pour tout les tests nécessaires  


Merci :D


a public beta version of OS X 10.11 is on the canvas that we can receive our hackintosh AMD normally via our App Store accounts, it would be interesting to create a tab in the presentation "AMD development"
Coder to Developer, and thank you in advance, I want my machines available for all the necessary tests
Thanks :D


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Aye, must be 2nd public beta (15A225f) but you got a 10.11 AMD kernel?

Yes, Gils is informed that there is no AMD kernel for El Capitan. Gils would like to start with this page a beginning for the development of a new AMD kernel for El Capitan. ^_^

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I applaud your effort guys, however I feel we are jumping the gun by the very least 6 months. The truth is that the source will most likely be released early next year. But I think a single topic will be great for now, just to collaborate ideas, discuss progress and so on.

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oui , mais nous savons que le kernel AMD Yosemite était actif bien avant que les sources soient publiées et que nous savons aussi qu'il existe un kernel AMD El Capitan  quelque part fonctionnel .

le fait d'avoir le "pre kernel " nous a permit de dénicher les divers problèmes à 90 % avant la sortie des sources officiels , la Beta Public travaille pour nous :) (dans le temps) , les coder sont des magiciens du code et eux seuls peuvent même sans les sources rendre le kernel fonctionnel . :) 



yes, but we know that the kernel AMD Yosemite was active well before the sources are published and we also know that there is a kernel AMD El Capitan some functional part.
having the "pre kernel" has allowed us to unearth the various issues to 90% before the release of official sources, the Public Beta works for us :) (in time), encode are wizards and code only they can make even without a functional kernel sources. :)

Yes, Gils is informed that there is no AMD kernel for El Capitan. Gils would like to start with this page a beginning for the development of a new AMD kernel for El Capitan. ^_^




yes and new onglet :)





hello all :)


je viens de faire l'essaie d'installation de El Cpitan Beta Public via Pacifist 3.5.1 , l'installation est possible simplement depuis n'importe qu'elle hackintosh AMD/Intel , pour l'occasion faite depuis Mavericks 10.9.5 13F1096 , je suis assez étonné car déjà essayé avec d'autre version sans succès mais là le volume est parfaitement viable et bootable , il me manque bien sûr le kernel AMD El Capitan mais cela résout le problème d'installation sans notre kernel :D

donc ne pas s'en priver ;)


I just try to make the installation of El Cpitan Public Beta via Pacifist 3.5.1, the installation is simple as possible from any hackintosh that AMD / Intel, made for the occasion since Mavericks 10.9.5 13F1096 I'm quite surprised because already tried with no success to another version but then the volume is bootable and perfectly viable, of course I miss the kernel AMD El Capitan but it solves the problem without our installation kernel  :D


so do not deny it ;)





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Hello Gils, make yourself easy, use the tool of Chris1111  

El Capitan HD


You have to note one thing. the installation of El Capitan just can install on a blank hard disk, and no USB HDD or USB flash drive. So do not install it on a hard drive with multiple partitions, otherwise the other partitions are irretrievably formated.
Read the instructions and enjoy the video tutorial from Chris1111, the tool performs the installation on an HDD. The install with Pacifist does not run very clean, my opinion.
good luck

( Warning, use this app at your own risk. all data on the HDD will be deleted and formatted !!! )




However, the app works perfectly, after about 18 minutes El Capitan was
fully installed. Once again great job of chris1111 !!
so Gils ...
the table is set, El Capitan is fully installed :) , now we lack the kernel that exists unfortunately in secret. ^_^
we unfortunately do not have to test .... :(

El capitan OS X 10.11.png

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bad , 


Chris1111 has not done anything that he has plagiarized, no need to install inutil, I prefer to do it the mano", much more efficient and Pacifist done this very well ;)
  and you can not install kernel without AMD, with Pacifist is installed :)
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...in fact, a similar tool, there has been already occurred in the past., that's right ... but does not matter.

after I have everything installed on my hard drive (with "El Capitan HD.app") , then I've moved manually the amd kernel into folder "Kernels"  but continues to be the problem with the correct kernel,that is unfortunately our real problem.  :(

if anyone is familiar with hopper disassembler or IDA Pro, then would the intervention possible. :D




Possibility of intervention is definitely ... but ...

Hello Gils,


we may also like to invite our Hopper Disassembler friends, to help us.

Let's begin with the fact ..... AMD Kernel for El Capitan..... :D

hi folks, we need your help in creating a patched amd kernel for El Capitan.

very much, with examples from use of hopper disassembler.

the relevant patches for AMD are known to us.

let us begin ......  :yes:





my research are in the amd_kernel these differences from the El Capitan kernel:














....... If others are still missing, then please complete.



I invite the two kernel.hop (amd_rc7 and el cpaitan kernel) ... perhaps someone can work with it?


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.....which is a extensions for hopper disassembler


in the Annex, I have all the above procedure as Assembly appended, I hope it helps us

export files.zip

  • 1 month later...

my current test with kernel 10.10.5 Hybrid install, ends here



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now El Capitan boot clean, but shortly before loading ** /dev/rdisk0sX  .... then the systems reset, see picture

The other picture shows the correct course at Yosemite.


kext loading now disabled
SKext auto unloading now disabled
nKernel requests now disbarled
on failed: 15A178w: Launchd + 7810 ……………….
hfs: unmount initialed on install_Capitan on device unknown device
MACH Reboot




                                   EL Capitan                                                 Yosemite 10.10.5

El Capitan Test.png

Yosemite 10.10.5.png

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There are a lot of user, discussed online, indeed previous OS X versions,  but with the same problem that I have now with El Capitan....

....that gives me hope that we can find a solution to get start "El AMIGO" on amd hackintosh. :)

but as already described above, This is just a hybrid-El Capitan-experiment. I'm sure that could if it should start, occur significant problems.


if Bronya could give us his new AMD kernel for El Capitan, then it's a little game to boot El Capitan. :D

but if someone has an idea, how I have to resolve the problem as described above, I am open to all sides to test.

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