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OS X El Capitan 10.11 Public Beta

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In fact, not a simple matter to program a new kernel.

All programmers who have made their contribution, that today starts AMD, I salute their great work. :thumbsup_anim:

Gils, No, I'm not a programmer ....

but as already described above, This is just a hybrid-El Capitan-experiment. I'm sure that could if it should start, occur significant problems.


if Bronya could give us his new AMD kernel for El Capitan, then it's a little game to boot El Capitan. :D

but if someone has an idea, how I have to resolve the problem as described above, I am open to all sides to test.

Probaly is making you a surprise :whistle: .. a big surprise..

Probaly is making you a surprise :whistle: .. a big surprise..


In fact, that is and remains an experiment and should not expect a lot from this experiment.

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Any news about kernel 10.11 sorge code?

we wait that Apple published the source: http://www.opensource.apple.com/... to this day, nothing been published.

I think, it will probably not be long before Apple will then release the source.

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Didn't someone (I think it was Duran Keeley I believe) ask apple to release sources and they released them!?

Rats :(

Rats :(

you should be patient, and enjoy first Yosemite! because once Apple will release the source, then all programmers will keep working to build an executable AMD kernel. it is useless here to offend Apple! You probably look at everything for granted, Be glad that Apple released the source! ^_^

I'm patiant and glad that Apple has to release parts of OS X's code espiacally the kernel but I'm unsterstabably a bit sad (no hard feeling :) ).


similar as with my last experiment, unfortunately that will not work. I have closed my experiments with el capitan and now, I wait as soon as possible that Apple released the Sourcecode.

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While waiting on the source I thought I would have another try. Now getting a KP on Launchd. Errno 45 which is,




#define EL2NSYNC 45 /* Level 2 not synchronized */
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