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Internet Explorer 7 Released


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im on firefox and ive got 30 extensions (just to clear things up :D)


atlesat ie7 is a major improvement over ie6 in terms of


1) added features(i.e. tabbed browsing and quick tabs)

2) cleaner gui, cooler buttons

3) new rss layout (perhaps a copy of safari but who cares, as if apple doesnt copy)

4) improved security compared to its predecessor (see: IE6)


ie still hasnt and IMO probably will never reach the point where it beats the power of open source and firefox.


why? because even though everyone has access to the source, there are many more people out there who would help develop firefox than hack it. also, even the people who hack it help in its development because the security flaws are addressed and dealt with by a large community and not just a single corporation which is so tied up with 10,000 other projects. + there are always ideas that your development team will never come up with... hence, we have open-source extensions (what a lovely concept hmm?)

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