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  1. Introduce Yourself

    I'm going to REintroduce myself too. Maybe some folks are old enough to remember me, i used to hang around Insanely Mac a couple of years ago but went into retirement (according to my group) but thought i would pop back to see how things were doing as I have a bit more time on my hands. The site has changed a bit - looks awesome though! Any of the old crew still around? Rgds Ouch
  2. It's a test

    Two can play at that game!!
  3. Multicoloured Macbooks?

    Bored of Apple's bland ivory colour scheme, the new macbook may be just the Intel notebook your looking for: Source: The Register " Apple's upcoming Intel-based iBooks - now firmly believed to ship under the MacBook brand - may see the company once again offer the product in a range of coloured cases not seen now four more than four years. It's highly likely that the MacBook will debut in shiny white, but sources cited by AppleInsider suggest the machines may come in other hues too. Apple's flirtation with colour began in May 1998 when it launched the original iMac. At the time it was only available in blue and white, but the following January, Apple launched a range of colours, and subsequent versions of the all-in-one, CRT-equipped computer sported new shades, until Apple introduced the all-white LCD model in January 2002. " Full Story