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  1. bigboss

    Refurb Macbook Pro

    I don't know... I'd still be skeptical.. they don't intentionally try and ship you a bad product but they use what they have in stock. They won't send you an MBP that's been thrown off a building but it won't be in new condition either. Likely, there will be some scratches and dings (having seen some friends with their refurbs). The overall quality would range from 8/10 - 9/10 IMO but nonetheless I'd still prefer buying new for $200 more (unless you buy off ebay but that presents its own problems)
  2. bigboss

    Refurb Macbook Pro

    There's no guarantee. Apple says it selects the best laptops that have been returned but no one can say for sure. I've seen some Apple Refurbs that have a lot of dings, dents and scratches but you might get lucky and it would appear unscathed. In my opinion for $200 is not worth it to take that kind of risk especially if the machine you get has had a hardware problem or two in the past. As such, I'd strongly advise that you look at a new MBP or see if you can grab one of the SR MBPs at a good price. Edit: Lookie lookie what we have here http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0015YUHF...6191&sr=8-3
  3. I don't like questioning why people buy things but judging by your sig it seems you have a LOT of Apple Laptops. Any particular reason you want a new one? It might help people better understand your needs.
  4. I also agree with most of the things said in this thread 1) Processor speed: 0.1 GHz will not make much of a difference. The only real advantage the T9300 has is 2x the amount of L2 Cache and you will see a difference in CPU intensive apps but nothing to warrant blowing $500 more. It probably costs Apple on average $50 more than the T8300 2) Hard drive: 50 GB? You'd be better off upgrading to a 7200RPM model. This upgrade probably costs Apple $20 3) Graphics: It's the same chip with twice the VRAM. Please note that the 8600M GT's memory interface is 128-bits and the GPU is simply not capable of using the extra VRAM. You might see a small difference in frame rate in some 3D games but beyond that I can't say that it warrants blowing $500 either. The memory bandwidth simply isn't enough and GPU simply isn't fast enough to effectively utilize more than 256MB of memory anyways. I can't really judge the cost of this upgrade but I'll be extremely generous and say $100. So for you are paying $500 in the end for just about $170 of upgrades. Not a good buy in my books. edit: I saw you want to game on your Dell 30 inch. In general, you won't get a decent frame rate with most modern games with an 8600GT processor. To get a decent frame rate at that resolution with some eye candy enabled, you would likely need an 8800 series card at the minimum.
  5. If you are super paranoid, try this out. Back up your entire hard drive to your Time Machine disk. After that, plop the OS X install disc in and perform a complete format (use the advanced format options and write over the data the maximum number of times possible). That does take a bit of time though and if you have a big hard drive you might have to wait a few hours...
  6. bigboss

    9800GX2 working full (qe/ci)

    Yep... I also think that with the Nehalem redesign (which requires a new mobo), Apple will feel compelled to re-evaluate its position on SLI and may release SLI drivers for older Mac Pros along with the new ones on the Nehalem platform. http://www.anandtech.com/cpuchipsets/intel...?i=3326&p=3 - pics of the nehalem socket Maybe they will also decide to trash FB-DIMM and go with low latency DDR3 memory. Its doubtful that Apple will do this but the majority of Mac Pro customers do not order/install 16 gigabytes of ram into their machine and thus don't need FB-DIMM RAM. With triple channel DDR3, its more than likely that most Nehalem motherboards will support 6GB of ram which is quite a bit. Granted, some people might see the need for 16GB of RAM but most Mac Pro customers DO NOT have that much ram in their computer (I would think most people have anywhere in the range of 2-8GB). I could be totally wrong on this though...
  7. Try to not run it over with a 4000 lb automobile . This is not to mock the OP but it's obviously something to NOT attempt. I treat my Macbook Pro like a baby. I don't believe in buying a hard case but I do carry it around in a protective sleeve for the most part and clean it regularly with the cleaning cloth and some water.
  8. bigboss

    9800GX2 working full (qe/ci)

    Great job! I really wish Apple would officially come out with some form of SLI/Crossfire support. It really is the only thing that makes gives the Mac Pro a disadvantage when it comes to intensive graphics work. Yes I realize the Quadro is a good card but if Dell offers the option of SLI graphics, Apple should too
  9. bigboss

    9600GSO flashed to 8800GT

    256-bit G92 with 128 stream processors... those are the same specs as the G92 8800GTS and the 9800GTX (along with slightly higher shader, gpu and mem clocks)
  10. bigboss

    9600GSO flashed to 8800GT

    So then basically its on par with the 9800GTX after this flash? I guess nVidia will have to start laser engraving the die again (assuming thats still viable with the new architecture)
  11. But OS X was still able to run on the same hardware right? It didn't make systems that are only 2-3 years old obsolete. (I could be wrong on this though)
  12. The memory bus width is only 128-bits so 512MB is pointless for an 8600GT because its memory bus isn't wide enough and its GPU isn't fast enough to utilize 512MB of ram. It really is a gimmick. If you *NEED* a decent 512MB graphics chip then you'd probably have to get something with an 8800M GTX.
  13. Hello and welcome to the forum. Unfortunately this is the wrong forum for your post (use the BST forum). Also I would recommend that you remove the pictures that contain the serial number of your unit as well as your name for security reasons.
  14. I think that if the cost of the repair costs anywhere near $1400-$1600 its better just to replace the unit. A computer that has seen that much damage and has been repaired may prove to be very unreliable in the future and it doesnt appear to be worth the hassle. That being said, if you are not super concerned with the case being warped, you might try just plugging an external monitor in versus trying to repair everything. My advice would be to sell the system on ebay ($800 doesnt appear outside the realm of possibility) and then buy a new one with your education discount. EDIT: Here's another reason why spending $1400 is not really worth it: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0015YUHF...5743&sr=8-2 You can get a brand new Santa Rosa 2.2 for $1500 after the mail in rebate with free shipping!
  15. You could also re-apply the Thermal transfer paste because for some reason, Apple recommends you dump a metric ton of it on each chip which causes temperature hell at times. The procedure will void your warranty but it has resulted in noticeable temperature decreases (up to 15 degrees celsius change)