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    War is Peace.<br />Freedom is Slavery.<br />Ignorance is Strength.<br /><br />http://www.liferesearchuniversal.com/1984-1.html#one<br /><br />http://www.george-orwell.org/Animal_Farm/0.html
  1. Young Gay Man Executed in Iran

    Filth is defined as something that is sick, immoral, and against God.Most Iranians call their god "Allah", and read from the Koran. However, it says very similar thingsabout such practices as my Bible does, and the punishment should fit the crime, and eye for an eyeis my opinion. However. It IS their country, and they can run their country how they wish. If deathis their law, then so be it, however I disagree, and believe death is somewhat extreme for such actions.Don't really care who I make angry. The entire world can kiss my ass as far as I am concerned. I {censored} peopleoff every day when I tell them Windows is {censored}, and that mammon is their false god. The little right-wing nut job false-Christians get mad when I tell them that. HAHA. The liberalsget mad when I tell them that their practices are filth. The statists get mad when I tell them thatgovernment is not God, and men do not rule over men."Men must be governed by God or they will be ruled by tyrants." - William PennIt seems to have been applied in this case. When a country becomes immoral, and full of filth, it will fall.The same as Rome, Babylon, Egypt, Persia (Iran), Atlantis, and all the other Empires that fell away from self restraint.America will do this as well since it has strayed over the past 150 years, and has tried to govern men, and other nations. There is a limit as to what I tolerate as well. Censorship is sick. Your opinions are tolerated because in this country we have the 1st amendment. Read it if you are uneducated about the matter, which you have expressed that you are.I am no obligation to anyone with my opinions, and neither is anyone else. Don't restrict me, and I won't restrict you.I fully respect their right to opinion, no matter how sick it is, and you should fully respect my right to my opinion, no matter what it may be.We live in a free country bucky-o-hare, not a democracy, not a dictatorship, but a constitutional Republic. If you don't like it, leave.I get the same attitude from people, and ignorant people no matter where I go. Weather they be idiot Right Wingers, or idiot left wingers,CENSOR THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FENCE. What about tearing down the fence?
  2. Omaha shooter was on prozac.

    Thats so true. Some people when they have a headache, the pop back something to kill it, when a strong cup of coffee with a teaspoon of Irish cream, or rum will do fine. Coffee will do fine for most blood pressure problems. It works as a blood thinner sometimes if it is strong enough. It will cure a migraine in 20 minutes. Honey cures a lot of problems, but people would rather pop a pill for it. Depressed? pop a pill. Usually a nice glass of red wine, and 14 hours of strait sleep will cure it. Someone people say that a hash brownie, or a joint will do the trick followed by a few hours of sleep. Some of that FDA approved {censored} they put on the market is just an excuse for the government not to approve natural cures. Its all about money, and bureaucracy, while some fat cat makes a buck off someone's death.
  3. Global Warming

    God damn you are dumb. What is your IQ? 10? No. I wouldn't even dignify you to being smarter than my cat. Its funny how you worship your government so much. Thank God the U.N. is still on neutral soil. That means we here in America can blow it the {censored} up. I would laugh my ass off if someone did it. The U.N. has Jedi mind tricked you to the point of your idiocy. EDIT: And by the way. The world is against you. How does it feel to be Brown's slave? http://www.whowouldtheworldelect.com/
  4. FairTax. Yay or Nay?

    Like most sheeple you still didn't research it. When the government buys a tank etc... They go to the fed reserve and borrow $1m for the tank. The fed loans them the money. They write a check, get the tank, and send the bill up through a commitee in congress, or a department. They then go to the American people, tax them 1.2 million, and then pay it to the fed reserve. 200k interest goes to the fed reserve for private profit. When the stock market is in trouble, the fed prints up some more money and "injects" it into the stock market. There is more money in the public, so the dollar is worth less. Prices rise, and minimum wage stays the same. Its called INFLATION. Thats why the housing market is so {censored}ed up right now. And that is why we HAD THE GREAT DEPRESSION. duhhheee. Read about it. Its all together called a system of CREDIT. It is not REAL money. The Fed reserve owns the gold in Ft. Knox. Its all fake paper monopoly money. So tell me now. Why do we need the Federal Reserve? And why are we even paying taxes? Answer, to make the fed reserve bankers rich! duh. People didn't pay "income taxes" until the 1950s. Like I said. If you want to be informed, and know whats going on in the real world, you need to get online, and research it, instead of leaving your head stuck in an ipod. No offense, but that is where the world is going. To hell in a handbag because of their ignorance.
  5. Omaha shooter was on prozac.

    News Flash. Prozac is a "Mind Altering" drug. Like cocaine. I think the bigger question is, why was he on it?
  6. Omaha shooter was on prozac.

    Yea, I know. There is no point in things like that. No end goal. He stated he wanted fame, he got it. Killing is always bad when there is no reason for it.
  7. Shooter had a history of Anti-depressant use. http://infowars.net/articles/december2007/061207Shooter.htm
  8. Global Warming

    Ron Paul on global warming and war. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zlpd7-SVJZY
  9. Vote all you want. The flight plan doesn't change. How did you loose a sale in that process? How do you know that person would have bought it? I never have, and never will pay for something that is not a tangible object. If your business model is unstable, that is your problem. The government can't help you no matter how many laws your company illegally lobbies them to pass. And THAT is the world of business.
  10. FairTax. Yay or Nay?

    Then why is the dollar worth less then 4 cents on the international market? Why is the housing market collapsing? Why does Ben Bernake keep injecting money into the stock market and causing inflation? Why is China threatening to dump the dollar, as well as 3 other countries? A currency isn't real unless you have something of value to back it. Who owns the gold in fort knox? HINT: Its not the Federal, State, or local governments. That doesn't sound like a stable currency to me. The federal reserve serves NO function, and wasn't created until 1913. According to the constitution, only "CONGRESS has the power to COIN money, and regulate the value thereof."
  11. Global Warming

    Where is the "clapping hands" emoticon? You are very close to the truth. Its not the left "per se" but the neo-left, or the statits. EX: Bush... Is a neo-con. Or ex-liberal statist put another way, but the same anyway. Statists. Just like some of the kids on this board. They believe that they should be robbed blind by a ruling body, and that their governments should do all the work for them, and enforce their ideas with guns. They hate freedom. On the other side, however, I don't like people telling me I need to do something, or pay someone an extortion fee. I love my freedom, and liberty.
  12. FairTax. Yay or Nay?

    Ok little kid. Then who do they collect them for? Who is Ben Bernake if you are so smart? Who does the "National Debt" go to? why, and how does it work if you are so smart? Think your so smart little kids? Lets see what YOU have to say Mr. Oz. Here. Let me help you. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Reserve Prove me wrong. I'm not even going to dignify myself to answer your idiocy.
  13. Global Warming

    Maybe you should ask yourself why Alex Jone's Endgame is more popular than Al Gore's lie on the Amazon.com's documentary list. They are going to try and "Carbon Tax" you for Al Gore's lie.
  14. FairTax. Yay or Nay?

    Oh yea. You REALLY know how the U.S. federal government works. Until you get a clue how the system runs. Do us all a favor and shut your yap hole before you say something stupid that I will embarrass you with.