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Problem laggy after update to 10.9.2(secure mode works well)

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Hi its my first post(and sorry for my english), I have a problem after update 10.9.2, its my first hackintosh ,in secure mode all works well, but if i try to boot it normal its works slow and laggy.


I try 3  kernels with their own System.kext and Sandbox.kex and a lot of bootflags...the only thing i know its that if disable my graphic card "nv_disable=1" it works ok... but without graphics ,so i think its a graphic problem...



My build


CPU: FX 8350

MB: MSI 970 Gaming

GPU: GTX 770 Gigabyte


some more?


EDIT: Solved!!!!!

I only change the S/L/Extensions Folder with the backup from 10.9.0 and it works fine but i want to know...:Works te same folder (i think it was graphics kext) to...10.9.5???

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