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[How-To]Merge a DSDT and SSDT file


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So i've seen a lot of topics where people tried to enable the brightness slider and did not succeed. Most of them had a SSDT file where the graphic devices where defined. 

In these cases i recommended merging the DSDT and SSDT files, and patch them accordingly to enable the slider. 


Since this is a common issue, and i myself am not fond of using multiple SSDT's, i like to have all my device info except CPU in the DSDT file.

I recorded a video which shows how to merge a DSDT and SSDT in to one file, fix some common errors, and apply some patches using MaciASL. 


I hope it shows clearly that you need to pay attention to the brackets, 1 opens the definition block, 1 opens the scope SB.PCI0. From there you need to select all content, and leave 2 closing brackets at the end.

I cut the content from the SSDT to demonstrate, you can just copy paste instead. 


If everything worked, and there are no errors left in the DSDT, you can remove the SSDT from the Extra/Extensions or ACPI/Patched folder. 



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