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18 OS X Yosemite details you probably don't know about


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If the Yosemite installer sees that you've never used OS X's Dashboard feature, it will automatically delete it to save you space.


iCloud everywhere

Yosemite lets users log into their Mac user account using their iCloud password instead of using the existing User account password system.


Currency conversion

Spotlight will convert currency for you.


Batch rename

Yosemite's Finder brings the ability to rename multiple selected items using right-click.


Near networking

Apple's move to open Multipeer Connectivity means Macs and iOS devices will be far easier to network together over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.


Cloud control

You can already see what pages you have open on all your Macs and devices using iCloud Tabs: In Yosemite, you can remotely close those pages.


New sounds

Apple has added a bunch of new alert tones to Messages.


Energy Saver

A small design feature -- the Energy Saver icon in System Preferences now depicts an LED bulb, rather than the fluorescent one used in Mavericks.


Where's that file?

Click on a file and hold the command key and you'll still see where that file is located at the bottom of the window.



Apple's Continuity features promise an amazingly integrated experience between Mac and iOS devices. However, it looks like only the following.


Macs will support Continuity, because the feature requires Bluetooth LE support:

  • MacBook Air (mid-2011 and above)
  • MacBook Pro (mid-2012 and above)
  • Retina MacBook Pro (mid-2012 and above)
  • iMac (late 2012 and above)
  • Mac mini (mid-2011 and above)
  • Mac Pro (2013 and above)

It is theoretically possible that a Mac-compatible Bluetooth 4.0 dongle may enable Continuity on unsupported Macs, though this is not guaranteed -- don't invest until it's tested.


Create Yosemite boot drive


Erase and then create a Mac OS Extended (Journaled) partition on a USB 3.0 flash drive using Disk Utility. Launch the Yosemite installer and click

the 'Show All Disks' button. Select your USB drive and install the system on there. You'll need to enter a little more info.

Now you have an emergency boot drive for your Mac.


Message sync

When your Mac and iOS devices are on the same network, the SMS and iMessage messages on your device will automatically sync to your Mac --

this will be invaluable for those who need to get copies of messages.



Apple's iOS/OS X Photos app will give users more granular controls over some of the app's built-in image editing choices.


Transparency control

If you don't like the new transparency effects in Yosemite apps, you can disable the feature in System Preferences>Accessibility>Display.


Control Center

It's possible Macs will gain a swipeable Control Center app, similar to iOS 8.


Green button

As reported before, the green maximize button will now put supporting apps into full-screen mode -- logical. If you don't want to enter that mode and

just want to make the window bigger (as in Mavericks), just press 'Option' when you click the green button.


Signature move

You can already take a photo of your signature to place in PDF documents using Preview. In Yosemite, you will also be able to sign your name using

your finger on your Trackpad.


Source: Computerworld

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1 more thing, the look is quite different :P

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Apart form the above mentioned features, one another thing, what I saw is the 'Updates' Tab after installing OS X Yosemite. The only place is the App Store (launched after clicking on Apple menu from the left side and click 'About this Mac'). Here, in the Updates Tab, you can check the checkbox button “Automatically download new updates”. but remember it will download all the updates of the application but will not enable the application.

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Allan I think I should have learn't a language apart from english :D:rolleyes: .

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