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This guy is f****d up

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this guy is crayzy :S


I think the answer is no. Having used computers all my life, I consider myself an expert in the day to day tasks of computing. The Microsoft Windows operating system makes installing, uninstalling, defragmenting, and removal of viruses and spyware trivially easy. It’s a shame that the Apple company (who unbelievably are much praised for their interface design) had not thought to make these everyday tasks simpler.






There was also a “Browser War”, and microsoft won that too with there excellent Internet Explorer. It was stable and fast and worked with all the wonderful ActiveX plugins. Once again, Europeans tried to compete with their “Mozilla”, it was slow buggy and only worked on Linux, and wouldnt let you see pictures or use VBScript. To put it bluntly, it was a crock!

Mozilla Firefox, no wonder this browser lost the “war”. Even the newest version of Mozilla (pictured above) lacks standard WWW features such as ActiveX and Microsft Secure Certificates.



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