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Top 10 PSX Games

Don Luca

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The first Playstation is dead.


Actually, it died years ago, thus allowing us (since there are no other games coming for this defunct console) to sum up and say what are the best videogames for this piece of story.


...and since it is dead, then all (let's say MOST) of the games are easily available through the net (more or less legally... PM me if you're insterested in where to catch 'em), and it would be nice to see and compare our thoughts and "share" our experiences, maybe playing once more some old fantastic games!


This is my PSX Top ten:


1 - Medievil

2 - Final Fantasy VII

3 - Resident Evil 2

4 - Parasite Eve

5 - Final Fantasy VIII

6 - Resident Evil 3

7 - Gran Turismo

8 - Street Fighter EX Alpha

9 - Parasite Eve 2

10 - Final Fantasy IX

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Maybe Gran Turismo on the PSP will be better and more fun. I hate direct ports from PS2.


Anyway GTA:VCS is coming out soon right????

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Dunno why, but I always hated spyro... instead I liked Crash a lot, especially the first one, but I also enjoyed the second and third as well.


Gran Turismo made me dream a lot, because when it came out I was a child and I always wanted a personal garage with lots of cars in it. :(

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:D It was pushed back just before launch. What ever it is, its too long :D

That was one of the games I wanted most, instead I got TwistedMetal and WipeOut.



It was.... but it was originally supposed to be a release title, and alot of the promo pics for magazines used that umd to show what they looked like etc...



Gta VCS is coming soon too.....



also, that one rc helicopter game for psx, that was fun :hysterical: but it kinda was....

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1. Hercules. Even though I was terrible at it.

2. Crash Bandicoot 1.

3. Crash Bandicoot 2.

4. Crash Bandicoot 3.


(I think you can see where this is going.)


Crash Team Racing was fun too. =)


Spryo was a great game too.

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I had the PC version of Hercules, and it was fantastic!

Not very difficult, but rather funny!


I prefer the first Gran Turismo... I sense it has better graphics than the second and also more cars. I liked the second one but I didn't enjoyed it as much as the first, unforgettable one.

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