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Niresh 10.8.2 in HP Probook 4540s stuck in "still waiting for root device"

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Hello Everyone,

I am trying to install the Mac OS X Mountain Lion (Niresh Distro) 10.8.2 in my HP Probook 4540s but it gets stuck at "still waiting for root device". I tried various BIOS configurations and boot flags like debug=8, AHCIDisk=1, GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No, hp (this flag was provided in niresh's guide) and many others in different combinations but none seem to be working.
Can anyone help me with this ?

System :
Intel® Core i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz
4GB DDR3 RAM (Single Channel)
GFX-Intel HD Graphics 4000 @ 2 GB
GFX- AMD Radeon 7650 @ 2 GB

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Plug it to USB 2.0 port

Thank you for the reply. I tried booting it using EasyBCD as guided by "niresh" and also by a PenDrive by inserting it in USB 2 and 3 ports but none seem to be working. :( I think I am doing something wrong in the BIOS setting. Can you please tell me the correct BIOS configs, if you know ?


Thanks again.

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But I am trying to install Mountain Lion. Is the instruction same for both of them, Mountain Lion and Mavericks ?

And I'd like to tell you something more about my problem.
Just now I tried booting with USB and it reached this stage and keeps on showing it. (Picture attached below)

Any ideas ? o.O


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Presss spacebarr


thanks alot pokenguyen, it worked. I have installed os x 10.8.2 on my probook now but after I installed the kexts from "Probook Installer" I am unable to boot (except in safe mode). I get the following error when I tried -v : :(




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- From "OS X support kexts," select only the version that matches your laptop (4x30s, 4x40s, etc).

- From "DSDT generator/patcher" select your "ProBook model," a "Fan behavior" that matches your preferences, and your "Display type."

Note: you must select one option from each of the first three groups to generate a patched DSDT. In addition, you must have no DSDT present in /Extra/dsdt.aml at the time you run this option. If you wish to regenerate a DSDT later, you must remove /Extra/dsdt.aml, reboot, and then run the ProBook Installer using your desired DSDT options.

- Check the option for "SSDT" generator.

- From "System definitions," select ONE system definition which matches closest your laptop.

- Chameleon: This allows you to boot from your main HDD/SSD

- From "Optional hardware-specific fixes,"


- "EDID generator" Recommended.


- From "Misc OS X fixes"

- "Color profiles," Recommended.

- "Sleep fix," If you have SSD, "Sleep image fix" is recommended. This disables OS X version of "hybrid sleep" where upon entering sleep, a "hibernation image" is written to the boot drive. For SSD, you don't really want to write this file every time your laptop goes to sleep.

- "Extra tools" All optional. Select the ones you want.

Try RehabMan guide.

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The RehabMan  guide is what I used and got that above result. But now after re installing the Mac I am not able to use Probook Installer, it says installation failed. :/ What should I do ? 
I updated to 10.8.4 as the guide said...

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