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Tiger in VMWare Workstation 6 on MBP


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Hi Guys,


I need to install tiger on VMWare workstation 6 but (you'll think I'm crazy!) on an OSX 10.9 platform (new MBP). Yes, a MAC...


The reason for this is that I need to reinstall an old version of cubase (SX3), which is no longer supported since Leopard...


I have installed VMware and have tried installing Tiger via 1) an original install CD I have and 2) via the "Mac OS X 10.4.8 [JaS AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1 & PPF2].iso", burning it to a DVD but none is accepted by VMware, giving me an error message "system config file com.boot.plist not found".


Can anyone help?



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Until Lion Apple only supported VM on Macs with Server Editions. I have SL Server in a VM myself... 


ok, managed to get an OSX 10.4.7 server but when trying to install it the vm dives me a "The CPU has been disabled by the guest operating system." window and crash when I press "ok"


I've tried adding CPUID as described here

I've enabled double processors and increased the RAM but nothing helps...I'm stuck again...


Any idea?

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is there some way to use say a usb based external audio card? Cause with default audio in a vm & latencies = no joy.


well I do have various audio cards but I first need to install osx 10.4 before I can go any further ;)


Anyway I need the install to recover some old projects from cubase sx and transfer to audio tracks so latency isn't really an issue in my case...

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