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Hey i need help installing osx mountain lion pronto 


Need to dualboot 1 ssd with mavericks and mountain-lion

and other ssd with win7 alone


I have already installed mavericks on one partition of the ssd works like a charm!!

I have also installed win 7 on the other ssd works fine!!!


The problem is that i need to install mountain lion to the other partition and the first time i attempted it it worked fine through the acceptance page and harddrive selection but it was taking over 2 hours to install , it wasnt showing any progress , just the ongoing striped bar so i manuallly shut off the system and re started it now it skips the whole acceptance page and the hdd select page just says install failed start over every time i try to do it tried atleast 7x wont work... ho do i get this to work ...!!!!!


Already tried reformatting the partition sevral times also....tried to install lion with another usb same problem need to get mountain lion on there.

used disk maker x to make usb.


how do i restart the installer from the blank grey page with all the apple options at the top like disk utility ,network config ect... no installer window after it says installer failed just gray backround with the options bar at the top



I have built a computer using the following parts:


mo-bo: z77mx-quo-aos

intel i5 3570k


16gb corsair vengance (2x8)

tplink n-900 wi-fi card (pci-e)

2 ocz ssd (120gb each)

2 WD 1tb HDD

Corsair H60 liquid cooling

Raidmax 700 AC PSU

LG Bluray burner



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