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Found 19 results

  1. Hello People, I have a dual-boot system with both Win10 and MacOS on separate drives. MacOS on an SSD while Windows is on a standard laptop HD. At first it was working fine and I haven't thought much of it but recently MacOS started acting weird. The first thing I noticed was that Clover somehow "forgot" my primary boot drive. This wasn't a huge issue though, as it was booting just fine once I hit enter on the drive selected. I updated Windows 10 to a newer build, however, I did all of this with the SSD drive unplugged just to be sure. Now Windows is working properly while MacOS is having some quite frustrating errors which make it impossible for me to work... Anyway, the problems are the following: - random reboots - apps freeze or won't start just "bounce" - internet not working(eventhough every other device connects just fine) - system is laggy overall I have tried emptying NVRAM int Terminal but I only got a message saying 'Error clearing firmware variables'. I've been searching for solutions on the web for the issue at hand but struggled to find one... I would really appreciate some help. I attached my config.plist down below. If more information is required, please let me know. Thank you!! config.plist
  2. Hey, I've recently installed High Sierra fresh and I've been having this problem with clover since. It basically shows two options for booting Windows from the EFI partition (Windows EFI, not OS X's): - Boot Windows EFI from EFI - Boot Windows From EFI Only the first works. So, I figured it would fix the problem if I just turn off all Clover's scan options and then created custom entries for OS X and Windows, but the problem still persists. If I find the UUID of Boot Windows from EFI and hide it in Clover Configurator, it will simply hide both Windows boot options, including my custom entry, so somehow it's getting these two entries from the same partition. What can I do to fix this issue? Let me know if you need my bootlog or anything. Best regards.
  3. Hi to all, finally i've install osx (with myHack) But i can't boot it without USB!!! I've try to reinstall Chameleon. I've got 3 partitions on my hdd (1TB total): 1 Partition: OSX 10.8 350 GB 2 Partition: Windows 7 500 GB 3 Partition: empty When i start pc, chameleon dont boot and "Windows Boot Manager" appear! Windows boot manager have got 2 choise: 1. Windows 7 2. Chameleon If I choose Chameleon, got this error: Booting "Avlgo default" isoemu (hd0.0)/WOWPC.ISO open file failed. Error 171884: Cannot mount selected partition Press any key to continue... If I press any key nothing change. What is the problem? Thanks!
  4. IrealiTY

    Dualboot von einer Festplatte

    Hallo, lese nun seit geschlagenen 5 Tagen in diversen Wikis und Foren zum Thema x86 rum. Aber eine Frage konnte ich nirgendwo beantwortet finden: Kann ich, mit einem bereits installiertem Windows 7, auf eine 2te Partition (natürlich HFS+ formatiert) OSx installieren und beide im DualBoot nutze mit Chameleon? Win7 legt ja eine 100MB große SystemPartition an für Bootloader und Wiederherstellunganwendungen - (zumindest meiner Kenntnis nach), das wäre doch eine Optimale Installationsmöglichkeit für Chameleon, oder? gruß, Aleks
  5. Intro You might have noticed that once you pair your Bluetooth devices in either Mac or Windows, you blatantly need to re-pair the same devices every time in order to utilize them. This is due to the fact, that, despite pairing these devices on the same BT adapter, each OS stores the pairing keys uniquely. My guide is a step-by-step procedure to remedy this problem. If you would like to learn more about the internals of the solution itself, please refer to the following: - The original thread about fixing this problem can be found here by camoguy. Awesome work! - The original code for automating the fix is hosted here. Congratulations on your work, I was able to learn Python because of you and your interesting project. Procedure A) Boot into Windows, open Bluetooth preferences. Pair all Bluetooth devices that you plan on using on both Mac/Windows. You need to pair on Windows first because certain drivers are installed while you pair new devices. C) Restart into macOS, open your Bluetooth panel. D) Pair once again the same Bluetooth devices. If you have trouble pairing, lookup how to enable Discovery Mode on your devices. E) Open Terminal, run chmod +x ~/Desktop/bt.py (this file is attached on this post). F) Run ~/Desktop/bt.py G) On you desktop you will find BTFix/BTFix.reg, copy this file on your Windows disk or an external USB disk. H) Reboot into Windows. I) Download PSTools and extract it on your Downloads folder (or any other folder). J) Run cmd.exe as Administrator, navigate to your PSTools folder. K) Type psexec -s -i C:\Windows\regedit.exe L) Regedit is now open. Click File -> Import, and select your previously generated BTFix.reg file. M) Restart Windows. N) Check that all your Bluetooth devices connect successfully. Notes Bluetooth 4.0 devices are not covered with this version. As soon as I get a Bluetooth 4.0 capable device in order to experiment, I will update this thread with findings. Waiting for your input too! bt (El Capitan, Sierra).zip bt (High Sierra).zip
  6. kevin00xxl

    Hackbook won't sleep

    Hi there, i am running a Dell N7010 laptop aka 17R, with a dual boot Mavericks and Windows 7. with Mavericks i have working audio, graphics, battery. but the only thing that doesn't work is when i close the lid or when i click on the apple logo in the upper left corner and click sleep. i have to wait for 30-60 seconds then it seems to go to sleep but it wakes form sleep instantly. also i don't get a "wake reason' when i check the console. my specs are : Intel Core i3 350M, AMD HD 5470 1GB, 4GB Ram, ALC269 Audio...all this is working perfectly fine except for sleep in Mavericks. Offtopic: i also noticed that my cpu fan is running faster than when i am on windows... and when i open HW-Monitor i only get my HDD drive temp, rather then my cpu and ram temp if anyone could help me i would be very happy. (sorry for my bad english) Greetings, Kevin
  7. Hi, I installed a dual boot of Windows 7 and Lion successfully with only one hdd. Everything's working fine. However, there are some minor problems in Windows 7. 1. The hdd is unmountable in windows just like a USB drive. Though the system would say it's currently in use and cannot be unmounted. 2. I reallocated the windows partition into two(C and D). For the sake of convenience, the format of D is exFAT, but it doesn't appear in OSX Lion. The installation steps I did: 1. Install Lion with [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]([url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] Install) 2. KextWizard for ethernet and audio. 3. Install Windows 7. Missed to install Chameleon to the EFI partition in tonymacx86's dual boot instructions. 4. Get back to OSX Lion with [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] USB. 5. Install Chameleon 2.1 pkg and the boot menu comes back. Can the two questions mentioned above be solved? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hey i need help installing osx mountain lion pronto Need to dualboot 1 ssd with mavericks and mountain-lion and other ssd with win7 alone I have already installed mavericks on one partition of the ssd works like a charm!! I have also installed win 7 on the other ssd works fine!!! The problem is that i need to install mountain lion to the other partition and the first time i attempted it it worked fine through the acceptance page and harddrive selection but it was taking over 2 hours to install , it wasnt showing any progress , just the ongoing striped bar so i manuallly shut off the system and re started it now it skips the whole acceptance page and the hdd select page just says install failed start over every time i try to do it tried atleast 7x wont work... ho do i get this to work ...!!!!! Already tried reformatting the partition sevral times also....tried to install lion with another usb same problem need to get mountain lion on there. used disk maker x to make usb. how do i restart the installer from the blank grey page with all the apple options at the top like disk utility ,network config ect... no installer window after it says installer failed just gray backround with the options bar at the top I have built a computer using the following parts: mo-bo: z77mx-quo-aos intel i5 3570k gtx650 16gb corsair vengance (2x8) tplink n-900 wi-fi card (pci-e) 2 ocz ssd (120gb each) 2 WD 1tb HDD Corsair H60 liquid cooling Raidmax 700 AC PSU LG Bluray burner
  9. Hello everyone. I have a custom built computer that I would like to dual boot into Windows 7 Ultimate and Mac OS X 10.8.5 (and then update to latest Yosemite). This is my hardware: 1. AMD FX 8350 2. Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 Rev.4 Mobo 3. 8GB Patriot Viper RAM 4. EVGA GeForce GTX 660 3Gb GPU 5. Samsung SSD 120Gb 6. Seagate HDD 2Tb 7. Seagate HDD 160Gb 8. DVD Drive What I want to do: 1. Install Windows 7 Ultimate on the SSD 2. Install OS X Mountain Lion (and then update to Yosemite) on the 160Gb HDD 3. Use the 2Tb HDD as storage for programs,music, documents,etc..., and have it accessible to both OSs I am using the Niresh 10.8.5 Distro DVD. I used the DVD to boot the installer by using "amdfx" at the boot prompt, and it booted to the Installer after about 10 minutes. I formated my 160Gb HDD, customized my installation, and installed OS X on it. After about 30 minutes (The installer time isn't accurate; it stayed on less than one minute reamaing for about 5 minutes), the Install finished. I rebooted my computer and chose to boot from the OS X HDD. It took me to the Apple Screen w/ the spining circle for about a minute, then it went to a gray screen. I restarted the computer, the same thing happened. I looked online, and found this site: http://www.givemesom...stallation-265/ I tried it's first suggestion, and it worked. I was able to boot into the OS X User Setup Screen. I created my user account and all of that, and then I was taken to the desktop. However, after I restarted my computer to go install Windows 7, I booted into OS X just to be sure, and it didn't work. I get the grey Apple screen w/ the circle spinning clock wise, and then after about a minute, the hard drive stops being read from. I tried the suggestion again, but that didn't work. Now my questions are: 1. How can I successfuly install OS X Moutain Lion? 2. How can I Succesfuly dual boot Windows and Mountain Lion? I don't mind restarting the whole installation process; I just want it to work well. I'm very good with computers, it's just that this whole Hackintosh thing is kind of complex. I sincerely do appreciate your help! Thanks! ----------------------------*Edit 1*------------------------------------------ After 2 ******* days, I managed to get OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.5 somewhat installed. I used [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url], the Yosemite edition. I installed some kexts and some other customizations. However, there are still some problems that I need help on. 1. The graphics are very laggy. When I open the Notification center, it turns somewhat red, and flashes. Going on Safari, esp. websites w/ animations is painfully slow. I suspect this is a driver issue. I had to use the "grafix backup all" command after installing OS X and then booting into SIngle User Mode "-s" 2. The USB ports don't work. They provide power, I verified this because my keyboard has an LED light that is on all of the time, and my flash drive's LED light is on. I can't use any of my 16 USB ports. I suspect this has to do with [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] because this has never happend before. If any one can help, I really would appreciate it. ----------------------------*End of Edit 1*---------------------------------
  10. Hello All, I recently came into possession of a MBP with a broken hinge/bezel and decided to throw Mountain Lion and Ubuntu on it. Mountain Lion install was the easy part, took a bit longer than expected, never the less done and over with. I installed rEFIt Partitioned my 500GB drive (100GB for Ubuntu) Used unetbootin on 4 different USB drives (Sandisk 4GB, PNY 4GB, noname 1GB, Corsair 8GB) as I read that Mac hardware doesn't like USB drives often. Got 4 bootable USB drives (working on a separate Win laptop) Burned the x64 ISO to a DVD as well just for safe measure. Restart into the rEFIt menu, run partition tool, and choose Boot Legacy OS from HD/CD/DVD/"ubuntu usb" etc whatever the media is and every time this is done, I get a "missing OS" message and a blinking cursor. I even tried booting the boot img and get to the grub screen choose any one of the 2 install options as well as the live option and just sit staring at a blank screen. Let it sit for hours on one drive and still nothing. Tried holding C to boot off CD instead of rEFIt, cleared NVRAM, reset SMC, MacOSx works flawlessly. Linux installer just will not load. What am I doing wrong here? I cant possibly have THAT bad of luck with USB drives. Thanks for the help. /pyro PS. If anyone has or knows where I can find the hinge for the MBP I would be most appreciative as I don't feel like spending 800$ on the entire display from Apple just for a hinge/bezel
  11. Hi, I've created dual boot on two partitions. First, I partitioned hdd from Mac OS X installer, to HFS+ partition and free space, under MBR. Then, I installed Windows 8 on free space, which created second partition and partition with Win bootloader. After that, I installed Mac OS X on hfs+ partition, which I created before. That corrupted Windows bootloader, so from Windows Installer dvd, I chose windows partition active and repaired Windows system After that, I booted Windows and in diskpart I chose Mac OS X partition active. Now everything works, I can boot either Windows and Mac OS X. BUT: my problem is, that I cannot get to advanced boot options in windows. I can't boot to safe mode, or disable driver enforcment. If I try to start this from booted Windows, I don't see this option in menu. Could you please someone help me?
  12. Hello, I'm a noob at installing MacOS on my current PC (which is running Windows 10 x64 Pro). Can I do a dual boot with windows 10 and MacOS Mojave? I already have windows 10 installed and I would like to put and MacOS Mojave, can it? If not, should I reinstall from 0 MacOS Mojave and after Windows 10? P.S: I have already make a topic about "Can I run MacOS" and the export boys on the forum said to me I can run it.
  13. MikixIT

    Problemi DUALBOOT Con Clover

    Ciao ragazzi! Grazie a questo forum con gente fantastica, sono riuscito a installare OS X e in seguito Win 10 su Clover SULLO STESSO HARD DISK Ho un problema, di solito utilizzo Kali Linux, la famosa versione di linux in usb in live Ora avrei la necessita di dedicargli 15gb di partizione del mio Hard Disk PER INSTALLARLA, e l'ho fatto effettivamente creando una partizione VUOTA tramite utility disco di Sierra. Il problema sorge quando io vado a riavviare il pc e quindi ritrovandomi nella schermata di clover, e vedo sempre il solito OSX e il recovery Osx e al posto di Windows 10, mi trovo la partizione di 15gb che avevo creato per windows(con l'icona di windows) Siccome ho paura di perdere i dati importanti che avevo su windows, non ho continuato installando Kali, ma mi sono fermato e ho eliminato la partizione sempre da utility di Sierra e come per magia, riavvio e Win10 è di nuovo lì dove dovrebbe stare Appena creo la partizione vuota, clover me la sostituisce Che devo fare raga? Io voglio OSX,Win10 (Che già ho) e Kali(Solo 15gb) sullo stesso hard disk Senza perdere dati di Win o Mac Gengik ho visto in precedenti discussioni tue, di andare in GUI da clover config . e togliere Windows da quelli nascosti e l'ho fatto, ma il risultato non cambia. Grazie per la lettura
  14. gimble

    Acer Aspire d150 Snow Leopard

    Salve, ho installato snow leopard su di un aspire d150 Internet in wifi non funziona, ok non è compatibile mi pare, almeno secondo alcune guide, su altre trovate in giro per la rete dicono che funziona, non c'è un modo per farla funzionare? Il kext per la risoluzione come si chiama? e come si installa, visto che mi pare c'è un ordine. devo installare Chamelon 2.1 r1806 oppure posso installare l'ultima versione? (non succede nulla se non ho installato PCEFI_10.5?) ma sopratutto esattamente cos'è? Io ho seguito la guida di rasone qui ma poi mi sono accorto della guida di PakyRs qui sul forum, inoltre la pendrive mi pare di averla formattata e fatta partire in mbr e non guid, perchè con guid non andava. ho visto le guide per il dualboot, in pratica installa SL e poi Windows 7 ed infine easybcd, ma non mi fa installare windows su un hd in modalità GUID. Vi ringrazio
  15. Hello everyone. This is my first post, but I am in no way a newbie. I have been hackintoshing for quite a while now, and recently my Asus k50ij notebook crapped out, and I had to purchase a new computer. I have had some issues installing Mavericks alongside Windows 8, but I have been able to self troubleshoot and solve them. Now, the only thing not working about my new laptop on the Mavericks side is the wifi. I have a Realtek RTL8188E. I've tried installing the only kext I can find (Lnx2Mac's Realtek RTL81xx Driver) with no luck. Do I need an injector as I did with my Asus before? Or an IO Family kext. Please advise me. Specs are as follows Toshiba Satellite C55A-3000 Intel® Celeron® CPU 1037U Intel ® HD Graphics Toshiba MQ01ABF050 (Hard drive) Realtek RTL8188E Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC Qualcomm Atheros AR8162 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.30) Anything else let me know!
  16. Hey everyone. This is my first time posting here, and if I'm posting in the wrong section, Mods please feel free to move this topic to the correct section. Anyways, I've never installed OS X on my PC before. I've only installed 10.6 on Virtualbox and 10.8 on VMWare Workstation. So I want the real deal. The best experience. And I've thought of installing it on my PC, but I'm afraid I do not have the required. So what I want is to dual boot Windows 7 and 10.8 or 10.7 on my PC, on the same hard drive. I only have 1 hard drive. Let me start of with the most information I can provide to you experts - I currently have Windows 7 installed on my hard drive. - I only have 1 hard drive. (500GB) - I have an 8GB USB stick and I do not have a blank DVD. - I do not want to reformat my hard drive in order to dual boot on the same hard drive. - My system specs are: Asus P8H61-M LE, i3 2100, GTS 450 (Can I get a good/full experience on this? Most importantly is with QE/CI enabled) So yeah. I do not know if I am able to dual boot 10.7 or 10.8 on my PC, with the same hard drive, with Windows 7 installed first. And if I can, can I get a good/full experience? Hopefully if it's possible for me to do it, I need a tutorial. All in all, thanks in advance
  17. Esse guia ensina como instalar este maravilhoso sistema do Pinguim com o OS X Mavericks. O processo é simples, mas requer muita atenção. Esse metodo funciona com qualquer versão do Ubuntu, desde as mais antigas até as que virão. Escolhi essa versão LTS, pois diferente das outras, oferece suporte oficial garantido durante 5 anos. LTS = Long Term Support. Pré-requisitos: Site oficial do Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Se na sua maquina há o sistema Windows disponível, baixe o app Unebootin. E baixe a versão para Windows. Use um Pendrive com no mínimo 4GB. Deixe uma partição livre, de no mínimo 50 GB (dependendo do seu uso), formatada em FAT32. Use uma conexão com Internet, seja cabeada ou Wifi. Isso poupa muitos trabalhos futuros. Configuração e Instalação. 1- Abra o Unebootin (ele é um app não instalavel, apenas clique e abra), e deixe como a imagem abaixo. Depois de gravar, reinicie o PC. Vá nas opções do BIOS e selecione o pendrive para dar boot. Nota: Como estamos usando o Clover, repare que na frente do dispositivo, irá aparecer EFI, é esse que devemos selecionar, veja abaixo: Quando entrar, vai aparecer o menu de opções do Unebootin, vá na primeira: *Try Ubuntu without installing. Espere o sistema iniciar, e vá no app Gparted. Selecione a partição (FAT32), no menu acima verá um ícone vermelho, e apague a partição. No menu abaixo verá que a descrição é unallocated, clique com o botão direito e no menu formate para EXT4. Nota: Se for usar a opção Hibernar ou deixar o Ubuntu muito tempo em suspensão, aconselho criar uma partição SWAP. É recomendado deixar ela com o tamanho maior que sua memoria RAM. Ex: 4GB de RAM, SWAP seria 8GB. Reduza a partição do Ubuntu. Veja como fiz na print abaixo. Agora com tudo preparado para o Ubuntu, vamos seguir a instalação. Clique no icone do Desktop "Install Ubuntu 14.04 LTS". Escolha seu idioma. Depois deixe as opções como a imagem abaixo. Depois disso, vai aparecer a tela de opções de instalação do Ubuntu, se vai ser lado a lado com o OS X (ou Windows) mas essas primeiras não nos interessam, vai na ultima opção. Opção Avançada. Nota: Quando selecionarem essa opção, para aparecer a proxima tela vai demorar um bocado, não se preocupem não travou nem nada, só por razões desconhecidas demora mesmo. Agora com aquela partição que você preparou para o Ubuntu (aqui substitui o Windows por isso na imagem aparece NTFS) vamos dizer que ela se chama sda3, selecione com o botão direito e deixe assim: Atenção. O Ubuntu usa como gerenciador de boot o Grub, mas como nós já estamos usando o Clover, ele ficara como secundario. Por isso temos de instalar o Grub na partição do Ubuntu, que nesse guia usamos o sda3 como exemplo, então deixe como a imagem abaixo. Feito isso, instale, e espere o Ubuntu ajeitar as coisas. Quando terminar, ele vai dar 2 opções de continuar testando ou reiniciar, dai fica a seu critério. Quando for reiniciar, vai aparecer a opção de entrada do Ubuntu no GUI do Clover. Na partição EFI, verá que tem uma pasta chamada ubuntu, não apague nem altere ela, pois é ai que está o Grub. Pronto, feito tudo isso, agora poderá ter o melhor de dois mundos.
  18. dan_oninho

    Hack em FX 8300

    Fala pessoal Tenho as seguintes configurações: CPU: FX 8300 Mobo: M5A78BL-MPlus/usb3 Memoria: 8GB Placa de Video: GT 1030 Quero fazer hackintosh nele, mas não sei qual versão de SO melhor para instalar e também sei que AMD não vai sem modificação, então preciso de uma grande ajuda vinda de vocês Obs: Vou mudar depois do GT 1030 pra GTX 770 Obs: Tenho só 1 HD, queria fazer um dualboot com Windows, sei que vai dar trabalho, mas seria possivel?
  19. anyone know if is possible to do this thing? do i need any patch or other thing? have i to use clover anyway? hp z240 i6-6500 8gb ddr4 ram