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  1. Maybe what IFIRE said to me is you have to patch your DSDT but i don't know how and what let's wait for IFIRE's comment
  2. haha i see Glan is Ethernet lol i'm so stupid >.< , So, i should delete Sleepenabler.kext and patch my DSDT? How to patch my dsdt? what do i have to import in there.. can you explain to me?
  3. Open up terminal and type: syslog |grep -i "wake reason" maybe it says something usefull in there even if it doesn't wake up.
  4. Any ideas?

    I was stuck there to, try to boot without USB or CD if you haven't installed a bootloader try to boot with -x -v and install a bootloader once inside. Then reboot without usb and cd and it should work!
  5. Hello, I have a strange problem here.. I fixed the sleep using sleep enabler. Now it goes to sleep after everything goes off it wakes himself. I did some research and found this: My error log: GLAN= i don't know EHC2= USB port but i have no USB connected to my laptop. Can anyone help me out please? ~SeeYouAround
  6. Hello, first of all, please tell me asap if i'm posting in the wrong section. anyway, for the one's that are using an acer v3-571g with specs: I5 6gb ram hd4000 intel graphics You should use my kext, i have everything up & running and it works perfect! Only things not working: - Sleep mode - Microphone Those things are easy to fix. Currently i'm using a D-Link wifi adapter and it's even faster then the standard wifi adapter inside of the laptop lol. Here's a download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vndvijwr9wx6skc/Extra%20and%20kext.zip Put here the folders: After reboot you're done and have a happy hackintosh time! as you can see this is my desktop atm: Enjoy!
  7. Help Installing Mountain Lion

    try to boot the installer in safe mode. And why would you like to use mountain lion if you have mavericks up & running?
  8. Can I install OSX on my PC?

    What are your computer specs?