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CUDA 6.0.26 RC


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For me it works! Using Nvidia GT 440 + 10.9.2 (dev).

Maybe some (newest) non Mac GPus may be a prob in this case. Or the CUDA Main App may have an prob with that combination!


Info: You can use the great CUDA-Z tool to show/ztest if CUDA drivers / your gpu working or not.

http://sourceforge.net/projects/cuda-z/files/cuda-z/0.8/  (DL the .dmg for Mac)



Bildschirmfoto 2014-02-22 um 10.04.32.jpg

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interesting fact..

using web drivers in my rig set automatically a kernel flag in org.chamaleon.Boot.plist (nvda_drv=1)


How is it possible?

@fabiosun...the nvidia driver manager writes driver preferences to NVRAM, which then adds appropriate flag to boot.plist...try changeing to the stock drivers from within the manager and you will see the flag disappears :smoke:

CUDA 5.5.47 download link here!

 ...got it... :smoke:


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