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Dual Boot Issue: Windows 8 and Mavericks

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Hi ladies and gentlemen, long time lurker, first time poster. After my first (and succesfull) Hackintosh installation, my Windows 8 MBR was messed up by Chameleon. In order to be able to boot again, I would need to make the Windows 8 HDD (I have OS X on one HDD and Windows 8 on another one) active via terminal (right?) and repair via a rescue disk/usb. Something tells me that my OS X boot files would be messed up by Windows after the repair. So, in order to boot OS X again, I would need to repair it using a myHack USB, and install Chameleon again. Chameleon would mess up the W8 MBR again (and we'll be back to the same problem). What is the correct procedure to boot Windows 8 (MBR, according to Disk Utility) and OS X (GPT, according to DU)?

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