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Found 24 results

  1. Hi All, I've currently got Yosemite chugging along nicely, and want to get Windows 7 installed on a separate drive for gaming. I've got this setup currently, but want to change my windows install from an HDD to an SSD. Firstly, my setup: First my hardware: Gigabyte Z-87N-WIFI Intel 45670K Asus GTX 760 Corsair 1600 2x4GB Corsair 430w CMX PSU BX100 250GB SSD - OS X install drive WD 1TB HDD - 700GB HFS+ partition, 300GB NTFS Windows install partition M4 Crucial 128GB SSD - Where I want to run Windows in the future. Fractal Node 304 Case OS X Version: 10.10.2 Firstly, in my current setup I have an odd issue - I can see the Windows install from the Clover bootloader screen, but when I select it I get a blinking black cursor. However, by exiting Clover my machine automatically defaults to the Windows partition and so loads normally. This has been fine up until now. The first thing I tried to do is clone the partition directly. Even though it is 300GB compared to the SSD's 128GB, only 70GB is in use. I used EaseUS to do this, and the process seemed to go fine, however I can't get it the drive to boot. The drive shows up in Clover, but neither selecting it or exiting clover gives the desired effect. Exiting gives me a 'Please insert bootable media' message, whereas selecting the drive gives the same flashing cursor as before. So my question is two fold: Firstly, is there anything else I can do to try and clone my existing windows install to the new drive? I have tried to shrink the partition in diskmgmt.msc, but can't get it down to 128GB (despite being only 70GB). Is there any other software which is worth looking at? Secondly, if I install a fresh copy of Windows & thusly, am I going to screw up my clover install at all? Steps: 1. Disconnect all drives apart from 128GB SSD 2. Disable UEFI in bios. 3. Boot Windows 7 via USB and install as normal to SSD. 4. Re-connect all drives, hopefully get everything working. Sorry for the massive post, i'd really value any advice.
  2. Haral

    Mountain Lion su P8Z68-V Pro

    Salve a tutti, volevo chiedervi una cosa. Attualmente ho installato Windows 7 in un hard disk, ora voglio installare su un altro hard disk mountain lion. Posso usare questa guida?
  3. so i have clover installed and windows 8 installed as uefi. when i boot windows through the bios it works fine but when i boot windows efi through clover it goes to the windows boot logo spins a few times then my monitor just turns off. the computer is still on and the fans are still running so i cant tell if windows is still running just without the graphics card. when i start windows in safemode through clover though it boots just fine. anyone else have this issue or know how to solve it? I have a gtx770 and z87x-ud3h Thanks
  4. Hello guys, I am a little bit confused. I want to install os x mavericks on my empty partition. The problem is that I am allways reading that you should install osx first and then windows on the other partition. I don't want to use all of my data and just want to install os x on my partition. I read a lot about chameleon loader but I am still a little bit confused. I want to install the os x mavericks by niresh . Could you please help me. How do I install osx on a empty partition besides win 7 . Thank you !
  5. Salve vendo un blocco composto dai seguenti componenti a 105 euro + ss ( 9 euro per pacco ordinario ): - Processore cpu Intel e6550 2x2.4ghz 4Mb cache con dissipatore e ventola originali - Scheda madre motherboard ASUS P5KPL - scheda video nvidia geforce GT240 1 giga DDR3 con vga dvi e hdmi - Memoria ram dual channel Kingmax DDR2-1066 da 2gb - Regalo a chi serve scheda firewire d-link Volendo posso aggiungere anche masterizzatore dvd sata nero samsung e forse anche hard disk. Preferito scambio a mano a Napoli provincia ( Bacoli Pozzuoli Fuorigrotta ) , per i miei feedback posso darvi il mio profilo di ebay e hwupgrade Allego foto del bios della motherboard (prima c'era un quad ) -Preferenza scambio a mano Saluti
  6. Ok so sorry for asking all these questions lately, I'm just trying to perfect my setup I just reattached all my Windows drives so I can setup dual boot. Attached to my PC I have: 120GB SSD (Reserved/Legacy Windows partitions) 500GB SSD (NTFS storage) 2 x 1TB SATA (NTFS in RAID mirror) 500GB SSD (EFI/OSX/RECOVERY) SATA Bluray writer In Clover I now have: Boot Windows Legacy HD1 Boot Windows Legacy HD1 Boot Windows Legacy HD1 Boot Windows Legacy HD1 Boot Windows Legacy HD2 Boot Windows Legacy HD3 Boot from High Sierra Boot Recovery from Recovery HD How is the best way to just have Windows, High Sierra and Recovery options only? (PS - I already used "diskejectd-master" to stop the 2 x RAID drives popping up with an error message in High Sierra) CLOVER877backup.zip
  7. i have found many tutorials on how to do this... but none that explain what to do in my position. here's is what is happening: i installed osx with chameleon in February then in June (last month) i installed on another partition... i cannot access osx because windows will boot over it because it was the last installed OS. i need to access the osx. is there a boot loader i can use? (i don't want to uninstall any of the OSes) please help! thank-you (btw my system is a dell inspiron 3520) if you need any clarification or have any questions, please ask me in a reply to this thread.
  8. Hi ladies and gentlemen, long time lurker, first time poster. After my first (and succesfull) Hackintosh installation, my Windows 8 MBR was messed up by Chameleon. In order to be able to boot again, I would need to make the Windows 8 HDD (I have OS X on one HDD and Windows 8 on another one) active via terminal (right?) and repair via a rescue disk/usb. Something tells me that my OS X boot files would be messed up by Windows after the repair. So, in order to boot OS X again, I would need to repair it using a myHack USB, and install Chameleon again. Chameleon would mess up the W8 MBR again (and we'll be back to the same problem). What is the correct procedure to boot Windows 8 (MBR, according to Disk Utility) and OS X (GPT, according to DU)?
  9. Hi, I recently upgraded to 10.7.3 running on: MSI G31TM-P35, 4GB, Intel Quad-core Xeon @ 2.5GHz, nVidia 9800GT 1GB. I usually use 2 monitors, but since i've moved back to university after easter, i've had to use only one (the desk here is tiny). This wasn't a problem in SL, everything came back to one screen. Lion however, still thinks that there is 2 screens attached. I tried using only one monitor on either VGA or DVI output on the card, but nothing seemed to change it. I hit "Detect Displays" many times, to no avail. It's not that big a deal atm, because before i left i opened everything i use and moved it to the screen i'm using now, so now everything opens on the primary monitor. It's just annoying because i use hot corners, and i'm so used to going to the left corners for things, but it's quite hard when you've got to guess Many thanks in advance if you have any suggestions for me
  10. Hi there, i've already brought a HP z800&400 to El Capitan, so now i wanna set up a fast rendering machine for VR, VFX and 4k renderings, using the following core components: 1x i7-6950k 2x MSI GAMING GeForce GTX 980 4GB OC 1x ASUS X99-Deluxe II 2x Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB As usually the question arises whether those components will work on El Capitan or not - you dont wanna spend 4k on scrap metal right? And i definitely need Thunderbolt, so will this work with the ASUS X99-Deluxe II? Any information or guidance especially considering the i7-6950k will be appreciated. Thank you in advance mcBane
  11. binba

    OSX 10.5.8 w/ two nVidia cards

    It seems these days that the best Mac expertise isn't in any Apple forums, but in the hackint0sh community. I have an issue with an OEM Mac Pro that I believe fits perfectly in this forum. I spent hours researching insanelymac and elsewhere and would appreciate a bit of guidance: OSX 10.5.8 boot partition moved from a Mac Pro 1,1 to a Mac Pro 4,1 The old Mac had ATI Radeon XT1900 The new Mac has nVidia GT120 and Quadro FX4800. The GT120 drives dual monitors, the FX4800 is there solely for CUDA computations. First, the partition would freeze during boot, at the gray spinning wheel. If I tried to boot in Safe mode I got a KP. The main culprit from the panic logs was NVDAResman. I moved NVDAResman out of S/L/Extensions, and was able to boot, with only one monitor being recognized. I installed nVidia retail drivers 18.5.2f16 + CUDA, and was able to boot w/ dual screens - but the menu bar is black, one screen runs at 2fps, and I get corruption in some system windows (garbled). I tried clearing boot & extension caches, didn't help. The reason I want the above sw/hw configuration to work is that everything works fine in my other SL partitions - I need this 10.5.8 for legacy purposes, for a limited time. In a couple of months I hope to scrap everything and move to Lion/ML. Is the above OSX + hardware combination supposed to work in the first place? How do I figure out if it's the GT120 or the FX4800 that's causing the problem (ok I can pull it out and see :-) but wondered if there's a software way)? Any ideas how to fix it? Something between nVidia's kexts, boot.plist, com.apple.PCIE? I'm just not familiar enough with those frameworks. Should I install Chameleon on my OEM Mac? Is there an easy way to disable the FX4800 altogether in this partition (and would it help)? I could live without its functionality. GeForce GT120 ven 0x10de devid 0x0640 Quadro FX4800 ven 0x10de devid 0x05fe Thanks!
  12. Hi osx86 guys! I used nvinject without problems in a dual screen environment with Snow Leopard and a Laptop with GeForce 9200M GS. I updated to Lion 7.0 and I found a weird video effect using mission control and launchpad, and takes too long to start. If I use nvinject I get dual screen working but i get this video weird effect and if I use nvenabler I get rid of the video effect but dual screen doesnt work, I post both configurations on my lion desktop. How can I use nvenabler and get dual screen? Thanks in advance LEFT: nvinject RIGHT: nvenabler64
  13. Hi all, I have a partitioned HDD w/ Win7 and Mavericks 10.9, I want to update to 10.9.5 but I fear that it might destroy my partitions if it fails... so my question is.. is it advisable to upgrade my OS via the appstore? will it break my partitions? coz my windows partition is also important... I'm on an Ivy bridge laptop, if that information is of any help..I'm new to updating so can you please enlighten me about this? Thanks in advance.
  14. Fin4l Lukather

    [Aiuto] Dual Boot Lion e Windows 7

    Ciao a tutti! Descrivo i passaggi che ho effettuato. Innanzitutto ho formattato il mio hard drive da 1TB con partizione GUID e creato due partizioni da 500gb l'una. In una sarebbe stata destinata Windows 7 e nell'altra successivamente Lion. Ho installato 7 e seguito questa guida per installare Lion sulla mia Asus P6T SE nell'altra partizione (ho usato una virtual machine su 7 per la preparazione della chiavetta): [Guida] OS X Lion 10.7 (GM e RTM) su Asus X58 LGA 1366 i7 9xx L'installazione è andata a buon fine e sto utilizzando Lion al momento. Il problema è che riesco ad avviare il sistema operativo soltanto attraverso Chamaleon della USB d'installazione, infatti mi dà 3 possibilità: - Mac OS X Base System (USB d'installazione) - Lion (partizione HDD) - Windows NTFS (partizione HDD) Se avvio Lion parte, mentre se provo ad avviare Windows mi dà questo errore: "The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible. Status: 0xc000000e" Se avvio da disco rigido mi dà lo stesso errore perché avvia automaticamente Windows 7: infatti l'unico modo per avviare Lion è dall'USB d'installazione. L'errore stesso e i consigli trovati su google dicono che è necessario un disco di ripristino. Riguardo il ripristino in sé non ho problemi, ma dovendo preparare un dual boot come devo proseguire? Grazie in anticipo e chiedo scusa per l'ignoranza.
  15. I've been trying to figure this out for a while now, I'm open to any and all suggestions including re-installing Lion. So, I have Lion 10.7.3 installed and my Compaq NC6400 is hooked up to the docking station. With the laptop lid open I can use Dual Monitor no problem. I have set the external LCD as the primary so the Dock and Menu can be used from that display. If I try and enable Mirror, the display goes nuts and I have to manually delete the preferences file before I can boot properly again. So I'm trying to run the notebook lid closed and in the docking station and simply using the external monitor as an extended display. If I run the laptop this way the monitor does initialize, at the correct resolution, but nothing but a desktop background. No dock, no menu bar. So I tried enabling screen sharing so I could connect from my other Hackintosh and force it to move the display over, but it refuses to connect as if the other display is disabled or sleeping. I also notice if I run the notebook with display open I can hit the power button and it will prompt me if I want to shut down. But when the display is closed it won't respond. (Hitting power button will pop-up the shutdown message and activate the "Shut Down" button so all you have to do is hit enter.) Any suggestions? I'm not using a DSDT at the moment, but I'm not 100% sure it would help in this situation. Or maybe if someone had info on enabling video mirroring on the GMA950 without issues then I could use that approach.
  16. CompuTechnoPro™

    Need help !

    I want to Dual-boot Win 8.1 & MAC OS X 10.9 Mavericks on HP G6-2149TX notebook which has the following hardwares :- CPU - 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5-3210M RAM - 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 GPU - intel HD 4000 + AMD Radeon HD 7670M (2 GB DDR3 dedicated) HDD - 750 GB Already followed the guide here & installed MAC OS on a separate partition in same disk along Windows using Niresh's Distro. But, the problem are :- Unable to boot from HDD without using USB installer (tried Chameleon, Clover, nothing worked) Intel HD 4000 not working (ATI not working too but, I prefer using intel GPU) Power management not working, (CPU heating 60-70 C) (Don't know how to fix it) What's working :- Audio using VodooHD Wifi, using external USB WiFi adapter (TP-link WN725N) Please, help me !!
  17. Check-IN

    [Aiuto] Clover quad boot

    Ciao a tutti. Utilizzo Clover per avviare il sistema in firma con Mavericks e Yosemite, i due sistemi sono su due hd separati e tutto fila. Oggi ho installato Windows7 e Ubuntu su un terzo hd, partizionando il disco. Ubuntu mi ha installato un bootloader che mi permette di scegliere se utilizzare Win7 o Ubuntu. Vorrei sapere se è possibile operare la scelta del SO da lanciare direttamente da Clover per tutti e 4 i sistemi operativi, al momento Clover vede solo Win7 ma non riesce ad avviare. Ho guardato in rete ma non ho trovato guide che mi abbiano fatto capire cosa devo fare per rendere possibile quanto esposto sopra, devo installare dei driver su clover? devo cambiare dei parametri su ubuntu? qualcuno può aiutarmi? Allego il mio config.plist
  18. Hi all! I have a problem with sleep and my two graphic cards. By now, I have disabled the jMicron (eSata), Samsung (sata6) and ASMedia (usb3) controllers. With Lion my system was not able to go to sleep, the screen just kept getting black, but the pc was still running. With Mountain Lion, it is able to sleep and wake, but with two graphics card, wake takes about 5 min. With a single GTX560 it sleeps and wakes with no problems. A year ago I had a P8Z68-V PRO (non gen3), with the same configuration (old bios, not 3xxx version), Lion (10.7.1) was able to sleep and wake properly (had to change because the onboard audio was not able to switch correctly from front panel to rear panel). I have been working for about a month for the Mountain Lion upgrade, and it is almost finished. I still have to test the disabled controllers (and find the right kexts....), but everything else is working perfectly (apart sleep ). I attached my DSDT and system.log. Thanks for your time PS I'm using iMac12,2 in smbios.plist Edit: Added my EFI strings. slisleep.zip
  19. buttcrap

    Issues Booting Windows in Clover

    I can't seem to track down an issue I'm having booting into ANY Windows installation using Clover. The laptop I'm attempting to dual boot is a BIOS only, with an unlocked Insyde H20 F1.B. It has two hard drives, but rather than use one for each OS, I'm partitioning the first one and using the second one as a shared ExFat drive between Yosemite/Windows 10 TP. The reason I'm setting it up like this is because my first drive is an SSD, second one a hybrid. Because the machine is BIOS only, in order to use a GPT style startup disk (as opposed to the less attractive MBR) I need to load the Windows installer via Clover, to avoid getting an error message about how Windows can't install. The whole goal is to avoid using MBR/hybrid MBR at all. In addition to the Windows USB installer(this one is actually in GPT format) I have, I also have one Windows 10 TP partition currently on the startup drive using MBR, and an old Windows 7 install on my secondary HDD, also using MBR. So I definitely need a Clover USB drive that will be able to boot into Windows pretty consistently, as once I'm using all GPT on my old BIOS only machine I cannot rely on the Windows bootloader at all. None of the Windows installations will boot using Clover. I select them, press enter, and they show a box. Waiting doesn't seem to do anything. I initially tried this using the latest Clover, r3193, and when it didn't work I tried r3185... It continued like that for a while, I'm pretty sure I've tested all versions of 2.3 by now. On some versions of Clover, none of the Windows drives will even show up! I've tried various versions on 3 different USB sticks I have, and when they do show the Windows it will immediately show a square if I try to boot into them, and I have to hold hard reboot. I have a good functioning installation of OS X on the 2nd HDD, so I have an edited DSDT.aml and config.plist that has native power management etc. No matter if the DSDT is there or not the behavior is exactly the same. I do have LegacyBIOSDefault on, and I've tried exploring PBR to no avail. When making the USB, I make sure to select 'Install boot0af in MBR' under Bootloader, and Clover EFI 64 bits Sata, and I typically don't mess with any of the other options. I tried BiosBlock once, but Clover never booted. I'm new to Clover, and obviously, I am missing something here. I've tried looking everywhere to see what I'm doing wrong, but this one is stumping me. Any ideas? It is booting OS X beautifully though
  20. ITzTravelInTime

    GeForce 9800 gx2 Sierra/High Sierra

    Hi, not so much ago i got a geforce 9800 gx2 and i was wondering how do i get it to work on sierra/high sierra? i have tryied a lot of things but nothing worked, i always got a black screen, the only way to get it to boot is by using -nv_disable=1 which will boot the system of course without video acceleration but with one of the 2 gpus detected and the other not. since i am going to use this card for my 2008 dream hackintosh build, with sierra, how do i make it to work? Thanks for your answers
  21. TechnoDude007

    HP DM3-1030US Dual-Boot?

    Hey guys! I have an HP DM3-1030US (Specs right here:http://h10025.www1.h...=reg_R1002_USEN) So I was wondering, can we get dual boot of windows and mac (hey, why not a triple boot including linux ) on this? I haven't seen any think about it on this, and I haven't seen anything for dm3's. Can anyone help me out? [FYI: It is 64bit and AMD (sigh, oh AMD, how I wish you were Intel... :mellow: ) .]
  22. Hi Guys I Have a Dual Boot of Mountain Lion and Windows 7. Win 7 is on one HD and Mountain Lion on the other. So one day my PC wasnt starting up so I reset CMOS. After that day Every Time I boot up my CMOS get reset. Specs DG31PR 2 HD's of 250 GB each Core 2 Duo 4 GB RAM Geforce 210 Silent
  23. Hey guys my hackintosh is working fine for almost 3 months until this morning i start boot it up then stuck with prohibited sign on it, try to use verbose mode and it's giving me this kind of error cannot mount root, errno = 19 take note that i didn't do anything with my hackintosh i just normaly shut it down yesterday and update my windows then go to bed, i do have dual boot with different ssd.
  24. Version 1.4


    Illustrates how to install OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 on GA-H81M-DS2V with Celeron G1840 in UEFI mode. Consists of two PDF files: one for dual-boot with OS X Yosemite and another for triple-boot with Linux Mint: UEFI mode + GUID partition table Dual-boot with Windows 10 Triple-boot with Linux Mint 17.2 UEFI multi-boot from single Physical Hard Disk using Clover Complete reference for Yosemite install onto GA-H81M-DS2V I'v got much help from InsanelyMac for creating these tutorials. Thank you!