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What does mean your avatar?

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I found this idea in my mind when I was helping the translation of Ubuntu Satanic Edition to Spanish and Catalan hahahah 

The idea was , there are so many cool and dark wallpapers in this distro, that I had installed of course, because I was helping the translation, why dont I search for Women Knights?

And I found the craziest awesome wallpapers and my avatar, which I photoshopped to my liking to use as my avatar in this website and many others   :D


If you see this avatar, you know it's me bro! I aint gonna change it for nothin in the world

(Obs : Mark my Words! )

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Mine has quite a story. Some of you may recognize it as the 'Golden Palace' wallpaper located in Snow Leopard. There are 2 reasons why I chose it. Number one is pretty boring, and is just because I like it. Number 2 is that on my first ever hackintosh, QE/CI didn't work and neither did my screen resolution. This was on Snow Leopard, by the way. The only wallpaper that looked good (to me, anyway) on a 1024x768 resolution without GPU acceleration was this one. It was my wallpaper on my Mac OS X partition for 6 months until I finally got QE/CI to work (I know, it took ages!).


So this is my avatar because I have a history with it and it just looks nice to me.


- Matt

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my avatar is me in 2013 after released from mental hospital,i do not know why chinese police sudden send me to terrible chinese mental hospital.but released from hospital i have the most enjoyable days.I saw OS X Mavericks,Ivy Bridge,H61,HIS 6670 iSilence 5,Baby Zhang.That makes me happy every day.

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OK, so Shanee told me about this avatar making website....


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