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How to Install MacOSX 10.9 Mavericks on a MSI GS70 Laptop


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Hey everyone!  Thanks for all the responses and I am glad that many of you have a working installation!  I hope mo.1's additions make it even better.  As you can tell from my name, I don't use the mac install much so apologies for slow responses to questions :)


A number of people messaged me about using this for everyday use - well, it works fine when I need it (usually for fixing other people's macs so basic disk utilities, etc) and occasionally I need to use/test a mac-only program.  I have never have problems except for glitchy trackpad.  As for your principal laptop, I dunno if it is worth have such an amazing laptop but not fully getting all the hardware advantages (video card).  For me, I like the extra geek cred for having a triple-boot and because I need basic things from a mac install to fix other people's macs and harddrives sometimes.  Otherwise it's linux (mint) all the way for me.


Continue to enjoy the tutorial.  In a month or so I am going to fiddle around some more and see if I can't get more hardware working based on the suggestions here and some config tweaks, will update the guide then.  If you installed additional kexts or did some config mods that helped get things working better, please post them here so I can include them.


xo, lg

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I got mine working aswell.


What I have done is installed Niresh and Clover UEFI (Yes UEFI!) and changed a few things in clover in order to get my Intel HD 4600 Working. 


However, I am stuck with the audio because I couldn't figure out where was the kext. The redirection to google is not very clear.


Edit : VoodooHDA 0.8.4 did it.


Any chance to get internal microphone?



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I went through the installation process twice, and I just can't dance because Mac OS does not load from the SSD after being installed.


in verbose mode the loading stops at some point, not always the same depending on the flags and plugged devices, then waits for 2-3min and then shows

Resetting IOCatalog
I've tried to move away the intel graphics related extensions and booting with these flags :
-v PCIRootUID=1 npci=0x2000 dart=0 -cpus=1

but nothing seems to make me pass this point...

I also deleted bluetooth kexts and didn't include Elan kexts just in case it would be the problem

Can anyone help me ?


PS: I tried jamesst20's method with Niresh + Clover but i couldn't boot from the key, just a black screen with cursor blinking.

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Hi guys I am thinking of getting the MSI GS60 2QE Ghost Pro these are the specs which I think are close but just wanted to get your opinion if hakintosh would work..

CPU Core i7-4710HQ

Res 1920x1080

GeForce GTX 970m ( i know this won't work in OS X)

Intel HD4600



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Hey ccarrieta,

you're lucky, because I bought the MSI GS60-2PEi716SR21 and I'm writing this answer under Mac OSX on this Laptop  :yes:


I returned my XMG C703, because I had 5 technical problems (webcam faulty/dark pixels/deformed d-Cover after support repair/2x bios bugs).


Now I have bought me the MSI GS60.

Its smaller/more portable and ligther 

and with a GTX 870m its so more powerful...


Before I bought the MSI GS60, I was looking for a similar CPU and the i7-4710HQ with a Intel 4600 was good enough.


First Pros.:

- For the moment I have only use my Guide from XMG C703 and it works amazing good... 

- In the Bios I was found that you can turn of the GTX 870m and thats really great for battery life (around 3 hours).  :thumbsup_anim:



-The Speakers... :hysterical:

  I think in this Laptop are 4 Speakers, under Windows 8.1 the sound are bad, because the front left speaker make bad noises. (like I would over scroll the Volume in VLC-Player 200%)

  Under Mac OSX I have at the moment only 2 speakers behind/under the keyboard on.


Whats work at the moment:

- Ethernet

- Brightness

- Keyboard + Pad

- Sound(not fully) only 2 Speakers, no mic | but it is an ALC892 Chip and it is supported...

- webcam

- battery status

- bluetooth


Not work at the moment:

- GTX 870m but deactivate in BIOS

- sleep 

- wlan (same as by the XMG, replace it with a supported wlan chip)

- sd-cardslot


I'm confident that I get shortly more parts to work… (except sd-cardslot and gtx 870m)


All in all it is a very cool mobile Gaming and Hackintosh machine...

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Hey ccarrieta,


I have treid to boot into yosemite, but every time I boot from stick with clover I get a black screen with a beachball.

But I know that Apple have switched the graphics kext and I think that is the Problem.

This post is helpful for that problem.



yes i have a dual boot system, on one 128gb sad I have Windows 8.1 and on the other I have Mac OS X 10.9.5 with Clover.

At the moment it isn't a perfect boot, because under legacy boot sometimes I can boot with clover into Windows 8.1 and every time into OS X.

And under Uefi boot with clover I can boot every time into OS X, but I can't install Windows.


I have treid to install windows 7/8.1 with a uefi-boot stick and with a external usb-drive. It didn't work.


But here is a very helpful post!!!



He have a MSI GT70 with similar Configuration.  :) 



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I was able to boot of the usb I changed to legacy in the bios, but i am stll getting stuck in the boot screen... Did you have to disable the NVIDIA card in the BIOS ? I read somewhere that this needed to be done but i dont see that option in the bios... should I delete the NVIDAI kexts ?

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I don't have to disable my nvidia card in the bios. I can boot both setting. Here look at my bios setting.




Have you an options like me, Primary Display?

But I don't think this is your problem.

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Hey nawlinsborn73,


I can turn off my keyboards backlight on my MSI GS60 after I turn it on. At first it glows red and I can dimm it, in 2 steps, the third step is off. When I booted Windows and install the correct driver, I can adjust the backlights color and brightness. But this is only when I start the application.

Also, on Mac OS X and the other time it glows red on default, include the 3 Steps.

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i have a GS70 2pe-210us laptop. i7 4710hq, 16gb ddr3, hd 4600 and gtx 870m. 1920x1080 screen (17.3), intel wifi ,etc


Do you know how to get the screen brightness control working? I followed this guide and that is the only thing that does not work (well the wifi doesnt work but i know how to fix that,).


I have 2 msata SSD and 1 mechanical 1tb 7200 rpm 2.5" drive.

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