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Welcome on my topic :)


I have an Asus n550JV and I am trying to make as good as possible Mavericks running on it.



Model: Asus n550JV - 15.6 inch Full HD (1920*1080)

Ram: 8 GB LDDR3 - 1600 Mhz (Kingston)

Cpu: Intel I7-4700HQ Haswell

Gpu: Nvidia Geforce GT 750m (4GB)

Integrated Gpu: Intel hd graphics 4600

HD: 1 TB (5200 rpm) (yeah I know, slow like hell)


It's currently running Mavericks pretty smooth and these are thinghs that are working:

- Battery stats (fixed)

- Cpu temp, cpu clock speed: HWsensors (fixed)

- About Mac

- Finder, iTunes, App Store, every app that's available.

- Audio (fixed by using VoodooHDA)

- DVD-reader (I can eject using F12 or pressing the hardware button, but haven't tested if it can read disks :P)

- USB 3.0

- Camera (Facetime works :D)

- Touchpad with multitouch (not perfect but does work 85%+)

- Headset socket works (for headphones etc)

- ... other thinghs I can't remember or haven't mentioned.


Now what does NOT work:

- On board WIFI - BT card (Atheros AT 9485)

- Sleep doesn't work ;( (Using it a lot, so should be nice if this is fixed)

- Battery stats (can be fixed with kexts, but which one? NEED HELP here :o)

- Not very important but: Can't see how hot my CPU gets or what the clock speed currently is, is this also fixable with kexts?

- Low priority: Bass socket from Asus (this is going very far, I don't really need it)


An guide that some people would want

(Not complete but still should help to get at least Mavericks running on Asus n550jv :D)


 - First make a usb stick with restore from OS X Mavericks (search google, it's almost same everywhere sleep.png)


- Then make a clover bootable stick using Clover v2: https://mega.co.nz/#...CYwI!Cx-GC02... 

guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KN1f9nleMSI#t=0


- Follow everything in that youtube vid exactly, because it could turnout differently if you don't smile.png


- Use these modded EFI files and overwrite/merge with EFI partition of usb (credit goes to my russian friend amocc

 for his amazing work): 


amocc's profile: 


Another discussion on forum:




- Reboot system with usb plugged, check if USB LEGACY is on.

And get in bios/efi or whatever and change boot priority

for example UEFI: CLOVER boot should be the first one to boot.


- Clover bootloader will show up, go to Mac Os installer (or what it is called) and press space than go to without caches and press enter.

- Installer will show up, make a Mac Os Extended Journaled partition by going to Utilities than Disk Utility.

- Instal, REBOOT back to Installer (trust me).


IMPORTANT: Launch Terminal and give these command (change YOUR_Partition!):

cp /mach_kernel "/Volumes/YOUR_Partition/mach_kernel"


- Reboot into OS X (not installer) using without caches.


- After configuring your system with username, password you'll appear on desktop.


- Now you'll need to use different kexts to fix several issues:

For audio go to this link: 


Use the latest one, I used VoodooHDA_v284.zip

Than you should edit info.plist in VoodooHDA.kekst

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I am interested in your install, just trying to help out.  I will be buying a MSI laptop with similar specs.  For sleep you will have to use AICPMPatch to patch AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement to allow sleep.  Remember to delete NullCPUPowerManagement.kext from S/L/E.  Enable "Generate p and c States within Clover.   http://olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1003.  Atheros 9485  you might want to try to hack a Ralink Driver.  When I started with g73sw, I had to use Ralink Driver.  Go here http://www.mediatek.com/_en/07_downloads/01-1_windowsDetail.php?sn=5004 and enter a fake name and email address.  Please let me know if that works.

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N550JV BIOS can be easily patched with pmpatch. Refer to this post.

After that you can use vanilla kernel (which contains XCPM - so no need to patch AICPUPM).


I guess I'm a little bit confused on which route to take when working with a N550JV now. I patched the BIOS and after quite a bit of trial and error I got the installer to boot and it completed successfully, but I'm now stuck trying to get it to actually boot into the OS.


With the patched BIOS, what's the starting point from then on? Should I still be using your modded EFI files as mentioned above? Or is your "vanilla kernel" comment in regards to running a patched BIOS enough that I can just use a basic Clover v2 install?


At what point should I be attempting to experiment with different kexts and the like? Before or after the install?


Thank you to anyone who can help. I'm a complete novice to this scene, but I'm eager to learn (and get this awesome laptop up and running).


Edit: Should be noted I was able to get the N550JV to boot into Safe Mode after install, but at this point I'm not sure if the kexts are something I need to edit and boot with via Clover or if I can add them while actually within Mavericks (even if it is just safe mode)?


I should also probably note I'm attempting to do a dual boot with this and Windows 8. I'm seeing a ton of guides out for for using another popular method, but I'm guessing I need to use Clover due to the lack of UEFI support from this motherboard?


Again, sorry for the idiotic and novice questions, just trying to get some more clarity on all of this.



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I also have this laptop, the guide does not understand how to do it my way anyway, and I was able to start even if only in safe mode handset (-x) and left patched kernel)





Is not recognized in accordance with the hd inside the laptop
does not recognize the video card nvidia and intel that stutters and the resolution is very low
if you give the more detailed sugerimenti succeed with the help of everyone to have everything up and running :-)
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