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nForce OS X Mavericks (10.9) APP STORE DOWNLOAD INSTALL GUIDE on a Series 6 or 7 nForce chipset / Intel CPU MOBO


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1. Is the DSDT woking OK for OS X power management and graphics with full CI/QE etc. and cosmetically are the gfx card details OK in System Report?


2. For Mavericks onboard audio, what do you see under Audio in System Report, in addition to the grayed out Volume icon in main menu, also confirm what Sound device input/outputs, if any, you see in System Prefs....if nothing , then follow 3.


3. Replace my previous DSDT file with this one


DTGP RTC TIMR IPIC LPCB GFX0 patched and oldnaplm AD1988B VoodooHDA modded by verdant.zip


without the HDEF patch and put the my modded version of the oldnapalm AD1988B VoodooHDA.kext in S/L/E (and if necessary rename AppleHDA.kext to AppleHDA.kext_NOTUSED), and then in Terminal type:


sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions
sudo chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions
sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions


If still no audio, what happens with your Soundblaster Z PCI-E sound card removed......?

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That's my bad sir. I had extracted it, and didn't post it.  I will add it here.  Thank you soo much for your help!!




Please extract the .rom again but make no changes to the extracted filename/extension etc......just post as extracted......


Also, let me know if this DSDT with an alternative GFX0 patch for Nvidia 700 Series graphics cards works and/or works better, e.g. giving audio via HDMI etc.



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Here is the ROM file for the GPU.   It has the GFX card in the system report as almost a 3 Gb card, It is only 1Gb or 1024 Mb.  the VRAM is off. Here is an unaltered nVidia ROM file.



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How does the system report differ for the graphics card for the two different GFX0 patches, i.e. the first DSDT without HDEF patch and the last DSDT without HDEF patch?


What news regarding onboard audio?

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System Report listed the same with both DSDT's.  On the audio side, I hadn't realized that I had multiple Audio kexts installed.  Removed all of them, Installed one at a time.(That wasn't time consuming lol), still not functioning.  The only onboard digital outputs I have are the the coax out and a TOSlink.  My hackintosh plays though my stereo on my computer desk, I have full size bookshelf speakers instead of small pc speakers.  As far as GPU acceleration, I went into chameleon, and didn't realize I still had nv_disable=1 as a bootflag.  Removed it, and boot hangs with no kp.  So, I had to re add it to get Mavericks to boot.  It's getting faster and smoother, just soem wrinkles to iron out.  Thank you for your patience and help!  Will keep working on this, I know it will work, just got to figure out how.  Would you recommend Trying to install Yosemite, or just sit tight with Mavericks?.  Is my mobo newer than yours?  They are very similar.  I have the 790 Ultra SLi chipset.

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My MOBO chipset is the 650i but the audio chipset is the AD1988B; the VoodooHDA AD1988B kext works fine for me with OS X Mavericks, with my Line-out (green rear) connected to my stereo hifi system:

System Preferences:

Sound Output

- Line-out (green rear) - working via manual selection in sound prefs
- Headphones (green front) - working via manual selection in sound prefs
- Line-out (orange rear) - not tested
- Line-out (grey rear) - not tested
- SPDIF-out (rear) - not tested

Sound Input

- Microphone (pink rear) - not tested fully as not convenient to use
- Microphone (pink front) - working via manual selection in sound prefs
- Line-in (blue rear) - not tested


One of the issues is that your Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 Ti is 1st generation Maxwell architecture AFAIK and seems to have some issues with OS X....see here.....but also issues reported on TxxxMxx.....


You may want to try with Yosemite as well as Mavericks.........


If you have an older generation nVidia graphics card e.g. Series 8000 or Series 9000 or Series 200 to use temporarily, then you can focus first on sorting out all other issues with the Mavericks and Yosemite installs without worring about graphic card issues.....

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