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When I use 2 screens with FBRotate with a HD7850 Graphics card i get 2 white screens with just the cursor. When I use 1 screen it works but when I plug in the other both go white. Can someone help me get both screens working?


Intel Core i5 3570k


AMD HD7850

MSI B75MA-P45 Motherboard Board

16GB Ram

Mountain Lion 10.8.5

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-find FBRotate
-right click, show package contents
-open Contents/Resources
-there is a shell script called "script"
-open it and add rotation for your second monitor. should look like this:

./fb-rotate -d 0 -r 90
./fb-rotate -d 0 -r 0
./fb-rotate -d 1 -r 90
./fb-rotate -d 1 -r 0
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