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Niresh installation, system stops working while install

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Hello, at first sorry for my bad english experience. ;)


I want install the Niresh 10.8.2 on my AMD/ATI computer.

After many failures, i bring the DVD to boot. (amd busratio=25 -x -v)


While the installation - progress, the systems freezes suddenly and repeatable.

I have attempt, the kext selection to reduce to the minimum.


After three tests, i give up, the problem comes always at 19 minutes calculating.


Please look at the uploaded picture with the Log.

(The system want to try a network install???)


Greetings :)


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It could be the hard ware is not support to work with those condition.

you can try that disc installation to Intel base with a Nvidia graphic card.

I tried Niresh before and it worked with one convenient size of the image smaller than 4.7 GB.

Hope it work out for you when you try OSX

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