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Very strange network issue with my 1201n and 10.8.4!


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Hello, folks!


As the title say, a bizarre network behavior with my 1201n I noticed some weeks ago. It's the following: it connects just fine with the Internet, but simply cannot initiate communication with any other computer, be it a Mac, a hackint0sh or a Windows PC. It can be accessed from the network by other computers though, just as it should. Even then, with a connection stablished, it cannot browse or send files to other computers, despite them being able to browse and send files to it once the connection is made. 


I tried to reapply the 10.8.4 combo update, and also updated Chameleon to latest trunk - I read somewhere else there was a bug with Enoch in which this network issue could be one of its symptoms. No joy. Any further suggestion or help would be greatly appreciated.


All the best!

Oh, forgot to mention: coupled with this already annoying issue, came another: non HFS disks won't mount at all - even ExFAT or FAT32 disks! That's why I suspected Enoch in the first place.

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