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Found 32 results

  1. Hey InsanelyMac, its been a while. I used to be very active back in the day under the name erei33 and then retired from the newsteam as I played too many PC games to have a hackintosh. Anyway I haven't been gaming, so I decided its the best time to try out OS X. Dell Studio 1558 1.6 Ghz Intel i7 720 QM (4 cores) 8 GB RAM 1 GB ATI Radeon HD5470 (working natively even before I added device ID) Ethernet works post ###### with Lnx2Mac's Realtek driver included in the latest ######. Ethernet probably works native too. Anyway for the life of me I cannot figure out wireless, I've read these stickies, I've tried all kinds of kexts from osx86.net. I've read the guides on studio 1558. I've been stuck here for a couple days, and prior to OS X I spent a miserable 4 days using OpenSuse and Linux Mint. So I'm about to the point of returning defeated to Windows 7 (which is good anyway). Theres conflicting information, my laptop either has Intel wireless n6200 or dell wireless 1520 (broadcom 4322 rebrand), even dell.com cannot tell me with my service tag. Does anyone have any idea at all on how I could get Wireless working? Any help would be greatly appreciated. It looks like next time ill pay the $800 dollar premium and go Mac Book Pro lol.
  2. Hi everybody, I want just to tell you that Belkin wifi dangle N150 (F7D1102az) is working like a charm in both Snow leopard and Lion. You can get the drivers from realtek RTL8192CU web site http://www.realtek.com/downloads/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=21&PFid=48&Level=5&Conn=4&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false&Downloads=true Regards,
  3. Ho trovato questa scheda mini PCi-e adatta a notebook che fa sia wifi che bluetooth con driver per MacOS. Chipset : Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 + AR3011 Qualcuno la conosce? Funziona sia il wifi che il bluetooth? è possibile collegare il mouse al bluetooth? http://www.ebay.it/itm/111624555780?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Grazie Aggiornamento : con due kext da trovare on line ( lo posterò anche qui ), funziona alla grande: sia il Wi-Fi ( riconosciuta come airport ) che il Bluetooth !
  4. I've been researching for weeks now but I couldn't seem to find a way to make my wifi work. I feel like I want to give up since I couldn't understand how to enable the wifi plus I'm a newbie in Hackintosh and os X in general. I tried the link bellow but I still don't know what ultra laser (comment #4) is trying to say. And I need indept instructions that a noob can understand, please. please, I need help and sorry for bad grammar. I am using os X sierra and HP ProBook 6570b ( all kext and drivers are working expect for wifi and battery) I need help with finding the battery indecator kext (that wont kernel panic) Also the wifi for Broadcom 94352 HMB http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/317656-bcm94352hmb-bt-working-with-fakepciidkext-but-wifi-not-os-1012/ Note: I'm new to this community and this is my first post/comment Thanks Ck The priority for me is to get the wifi going first then the charging/battery indecator
  5. D-Link DWA-131 Wireless N http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1439.l2649 Works great with OS X Yosemite. Install this realtec driver and works like a charm, did I mention it was cheap price. Here is the chipset this card uses RTL8192SU See for yourself http://wikidevi.com/..._DWA-131_rev_A1 Download and install the mac driver to make this usb wifi stick work here. http://www.realtek.c...=true#RTL8192SU Match up with the number above when looking for the right one. Bing you have wifi, and for the last time, the price is right
  6. Hey guys, I have an Hp pavilion dv6, and i want to make my nVidia GeForce GT 630m 2G graphics card work on my mavericks hackintosh, because i can do more than what i can do with the integrated intel graphics 3000. And i want to buy a new wifi card, but i want to get it compatible with yosemite, since later this year, yosemite will come out. Is there any card for a laptop that is compatible with yosemite for hackintosh, that also works for Windows, and is inexpensive ? Thank you. Processor : Intel Core i7 2670QM Sandy Bridge Motherboard Model : 181B BIOS : Insyde (version F.09) Memory : 8GB RAM GPU : Intel HD Graphics 3000, and nVidia GEFORE GT 630M 2GB
  7. Hello bright community! I have just got myself a WiFi card with Atheros AR3980 chipset (devID 168c,30 - Sub Ven 106b Sub Dev 009a), which I thought was supposed to work out of the box(?), as it's the same that Apple uses natively (checked the info.plist in AirportAtheros40.kext)(?) I plugged in the card, restarted, then tried to set it up in System Pref under Network by adding the device with the "+" but WIFI doesn't show up, only my 2x ethernet ports and bluetooth. In system profiler under PCI I just see this: pci168c,30: Type: Other Network Controller Driver Installed: No MSI: No Bus: PCI Slot: PCI Slot 7 Vendor ID: 0x168c Device ID: 0x0030 Subsystem Vendor ID: 0x106b Subsystem ID: 0x009a Revision ID: 0x0001 Link Width: x1 Link Speed: 2.5 GT/s When using Kextstat in Terminal it tells me that the corresponding kexts are loaded: 113 1 0xffffff7f82998000 0xe6000 0xe6000 com.apple.iokit.IO80211Family (1200.12.2) A08E69B1-9559-358F-A363-9083B344DA10 <112 50 22 8 7 6 5 4 3 1> 114 0 0xffffff7f82a7e000 0x14c000 0x14c000 com.apple.driver.AirPort.Atheros40 (700.74.5) 448A2423-55B3-3033-BE5F-CB19CB92D35E <113 50 12 7 5 4 3 1> In IOReg it shows to be connected under an odd tree/device/address - not the usual I have seen (RP0x etc) I have attached the IOReg file below. Do I need to edit my dsdt to make this work? I have attached my current DSDT as well. Oh, turning on dsdt mask for Lan and Wifi in clover also didn't work. Hitting a brick wall here. Thanks a lot for all your helpful comments and suggestions already! Atheros Issue IORegistry.zip DSDT.aml.zip
  8. Buenas a todos, el problema que tengo es que al instalar los kext del wifi USB, (los instalo directamente desde el CD del fabricante). Cuando selecciono apagar, se reinicia el PC. Tengo instalado Clover EFI. No se que relación puede a ver. Díganme que información puedo facilitarles para que intentemos arreglar el problema. Gracias.
  9. Hi I tried a lot of kext for Broadcom 43224AG but no luck. I don't know what to do.
  10. Will this card work with AirPort? Data transmission speed :up to 300Mbps theory Model: Atheros AR5B95 AR9285 Frequency brand: 2.4GHz Standard : IEEE 802.11 b/g/n support IEEE 802.11d 802.11e standards and 802.11i draft specification Interface Card :Half Mini PCI Express Compatible Systems :Windows XP Vista Win 7 and Linux. Strong reception for Wifi signals simultaneous transmission Advanced Lower power consumption technology ( Dynamic MIMO Power saving function- DMPS) High stability and integration Enhanced speed coverage and the reliability of the wireless network via 802.11i Applies for Ethernet And, which one would you prefer, AR9280 or AR9285? Thanks! Found this So AR9280 should work on Lion?
  11. Hi there, after testing both a Dell Wireless 1390 (Based on a BCM4311 chipset since it is listed as 14e4:4311) and a Atheros AR5BXB72 Wifi card they both seem to work on my girlfriend's hackintosh laptop (Acer Aspire 7720) straight out of the box. But it doesn't seem to be the case when trying to use them on my laptop (Acer Aspire 5739G). I have tested them both under Windows and Linux and they seem to work, just not under OSX. Can anyone help me with this issue? I have tried both the vanilla installation method and using iATKOS S3.
  12. Hey guys In this thread, i will tell you how to get wifi on you HP DVx with a bit of money with disassemble laptop skill and no bios mod at all or rebranding. All you need is a apple airport extreme wifi card with a PCI-E interface with a screw (if i remember correctly) and not the newer model of Macbook of wifi card and this include the new apple wifi card with AC connection since they have a different PCI connection than you laptop. I also recommend a apple Broadcom wifi card since they are newer than Atheros because some Atheros needs 3 set of antenna, which is better but you need to buy a new set of antenna. I don't know if you can use a rebrand wifi card. Requirement Know how to disassemble your own laptop. 1 to 2 and a half of your time hour Patient Gentleness Risk scratching the motherboard or a computer screen due human error and just your own stupitity You have to remember how to re cable the laptop like the keyboard and etc Static charge on the computer can fry your motherboard DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. I CAN'T BE HELD FOR ANYTHING BROKE and DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK . fyi, DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK . The items you need are Apple Airport wifi card with PCI-E slot interface (the cost can vary from $50 to $15) **An empty PCI-E slot that is used for TV tuner. (not the same slot already used for the wifi card that came with your HP since there is a Bios lock on just that slot.) A screw(s) to hold the wifi card and a screwdriver(s). Recommended, anti-static straps if you have one. OPTIONAL a set laptop wifi antenna (some HP laptop have an antenna that can reach the second PCI-E slot) Cost from $4 to $50. **I'm not sure if you can replace your m-sata ssd with a wifi card because I don't have that kind of laptop to test this method on that PCI-E slot. This method work since HP place a whitelist to stop people from upgrading the laptop and there is a error that pop up on booting up of the laptop that block the start up of ant OS. While on the second slot it is used for TV tuner (for my laptop) or it can also used as a second wifi card. This way you can keep your existing wifi card since you don't need to rebrand the wifi card or mod the bios. This way you can avoid bricking the bios and do a cmos rest or bricking the wifi card permanently. There is less risk in this method but it cost money. The apple wifi card work on windows for those that dual boot. The good thing is that the wifi card don't need kext since apple support it and any OS upgrade, the wifi card will still work in the future. ***Instruction Step 1,locate the second PCI-E slot (the one that is the same type of slot as your wifi card.) under removeable panel normal same panel that cover the rams. Step 2, insert apple wifi card in the slot and screw in one of the hole. Step 3, disassemble the laptop to rewired the antenna cable so you can connect you new apple wifi card. Step 4, (for the laptop that need a new set of antenna) I recommend hide the extra antenna in the cover of your laptop display since there is more room and not touch the sensitive computer part since some laptop antenna can get hot. You can tape it on the cover with double sided tape or electrical tape. Step 5, connect the antenna to apple wifi card. Step 6, reassemble the laptop and boot into mac Step 7, turn wifi on and connect to your router. Step 8, like the thread, if this work or if you like this tutorial. ***the instruction could not be very clear since different version of laptop have different screws in different place. Tell me on the thread and don't personal message me, if you laptop work or not and please include your bios version List of laptop that worked HP DV6-2155ee bios version F.1C Information from http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/250849-guide-mammoth-method-v200-hp-dvx-106x-fast-easy-comprehensive-installation-new-mammoth-boot-cd-for-i5-i3/ by Mammoth P.S sorry for bad english and if i miss something steps or info.
  13. Hi there, My problem is: Wifi card Atheros AR9287 (HW ID: 168c,0x2e) is working well with Wifi Lite-N but with Full-N it's can not get IP from DHCP and has self assigned IP. I have been using original kext: IO80211Family.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AirPortAtheros40.kext and added my hardware id to the list <key>IONameMatch</key> <array> <string>pci168c,30</string> <string>pci168c,2a</string> <string>pci106b,0086</string> <string>pci168c,1c</string> <string>pci168c,23</string> <string>pci168c,24</string> <string>[b][color=#ff0000]pci168c,2e[/color][/b]</string> </array> I tried some kexts for AR9285 & AR9287 but no luck. Anyone solved this problem?
  14. gio9646

    Consiglio acquisto scheda wireless

    Dal wiki vedo che la TL-WN781ND che funziona come oob senza kext, ma se io mi compro la TL-WN881ND (che sarebbe la versione 300mbps di quella precedentemente citata) funziona come oob senza kext?
  15. Hi everyone! After about 10 days of trial and error, i successfully created dual boot with mac and win 8 on laptop asus N750jv, all on one HDD, all UEFI mode! 1. Basically everything functions (after trying a lot of different kexts), except for WIFI and BlueTooth. Can someone help with that? I tried probably all kexts and patches that i found on forums (not to mention, i was banned from t***macx86 forum, on account of alleged "piracy(!)", just because i mentioned N*resh! (and that's absolutely beyond me…) Well, anyway WIFI is most important, if anyone can lend a hand here! 2. Other things i tried, was making a Yosemite boot with usb stick, which i made with disk maker x, and because i already have EFI configured, it boots from Clover in UEFI mode, but install always gets stuck spmewhere before half way with apple logo in the middle and a spinning beach ball... Why i am trying a yosemite install (on another partition), because i hope that kexts for WIFI Yosemite work, at least that is what i read in forums! So please anyone? I am using latest Clover! Thanks, Toni
  16. slash89

    [aiuto] Wifi Atheros

    Salve ragazzi, volevo sapere se qualcuno fosse riuscito a far riconoscere la scheda Wifi in firma (una Atheros Qualcomm QCA6174). Il Bluetooth funziona, se vado in dpci manager mi rileva anche la scheda di rete, però se vado su airport o in "info su questo Mac" non vedo nulla.. c'è qualche possibilità che possa funzionare? Ps. allego le foto.
  17. Hello there i was wondering if my wifi card is going to be supported with the Niresh Mavericks installation if not then can you recommend me a wifi doungle that support mavericks and my HP Elitebook 8460p.(I heard this one was good http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003X26PMO/ref=oh_o03_s00_i01_details)
  18. Does anyone know the pinout of the BCM943224PCIEBT2 card, so maybe I could build an adapter to make this non standard pci-e card work in a hackintosh? terramir
  19. Hello Recently I have installed macOS Sierra on my HP dv6-2105ea. It is well optimised and everything except for the: >Wi-fi Broadcom Wireless LAN >Sound IDT High Definition Audio CODEC >Trackpad / Keyboard Synaptics Laptop drivers: http://support.hp.com/gb-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-pavilion-dv6-2100-entertainment-notebook-pc-series/4041735/model/4105236 More info about laptop http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/316902-stuck-on-system-uptime-in-nanoseconds-booting-to-installation/?p=2301138&do=findComment&comment=2301138
  20. dioni

    Problema en wifi

    Buenas he cambiado la wifi que tenia una atheros 9485 que no es compatible por una 9285 que si lo es,he probado con varias kexts editadas para esta tarjeta,aparentemente parece que todo va bien,pero no funciona ,sale el icono de la wifi en gris ,esta activada hace como que busca y se para,no aparece ninguna red,,el ruter va bien,el móvil me reconoce bien la wifi el ordenador es un sony vaio sve1512y1esi i7 mac os 10.8.2 no tengo dsdt.aml instalado No doy con lo que esta pasando Gracias por la ayuda
  21. scottryan1992

    Strange thing happening

    Hi Guys, Need some help here. My build is in my signature if you need to refer to that to help me. Basically I used one of Niresh Kexts for my Wifi Card... Airport now works fine and I can connect to my Home Wifi. The problem now is that when i try to go to a webpage, it loads to about a quarter of the way and stops loading. Also when I went to network diagnostics it shows connected but at the side Server and Internet are changing from green to red every 30 seconds or so. Its very strange, Im not sure what is going on. Extra help if you can... Can someone help me out with a graphics kext for the built in graphics on my AMD A8 APU?
  22. orangesmasher221

    Wifi Kexts for Dell XPS M140/630m?

    Are there any working wifi kexts for ideneb 10.5.7 for dell xps m140? I know there is one that can connect to insecure wifi, but are there any that can connect to secure wifi?
  23. sandman007

    Kext for Atheros

    Hey guys I need some help. I have an Atheros AR9485WB-EG wifi card. I am having trouble getting Wifi to work. I tried a kext meant for AR9485 but it didn't work. If somebody could find me a kext that might work that would be great. Trust me I have done lots of reading and searching. If a Kext does not exist I have another solution. If somebody has an AR9485 pleased dump your ROM. Maybe I can flash that onto my chip and use the kext for that card?
  24. Guys , is there a kext for my Wifi card that runs on Mountain Lion? Atheros QCA9565 VEN: 168C DEV: 0036
  25. Hey everyone! Please excuse my lack of knowledge, as I'm new to hackintoshing! Anyway, I hackintoshed my HP laptop today and have a few problems with it. Right now, I'm looking for a driver/kext that works with my wireless adapter, which is a Realtek RTL8188EE b/g/n 802.11 adapter. I have already tried the driver that is pinned on this forum, but to no avail. I was hoping that someone can give me a link or an actual driver/kext. Any help is appreciated! Thanks! Nick