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Intel 4000HD ivy bridge \\\\ 128MB error !


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what is say that 128 mb in bios for video is not supported


choose another value


good hack

I can't access my bios advanced menu to change VGA RAM value

+ Bios unlock not exist for my laptop.

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Forget your HD4000 for that moment. There is obviosly a conjunction with the tools, that you have used for your install. These tools are here normaly not supported because of the platform-rules.

Try, if you can boot with the flags "-f -x -v set at bootpromt can reach the desktop. Then go to the Downloads and get Pandora. With  Pandora you are guided with tips, what to do and wich option to ,chose tduring generation a bootable 8 GB Usb installstick and the postinstallation.

If you get with booting your Usb install device to the beginning of OSX installation, try if the keyboard an the touchpad, at least the keyboard should work. If this is ok, reboot once more to your hd install and then install the bootloader within Pandora.

Before you are doing the new bootloader, delete all DSDT and SSDT files and also the SMBios.plist. Create with ChameleonWizard (Pandora, tools, a new SMBios MBP 9,2.

After installing the Bootloader as standard install reboot and look what happens. If you can get to the desktop without problems you should have correct resolution (1366x768x32) with QE/CI. If this is not the case or you must boot angain with flags "-f -x -v"  then open in Pandora again the bootloader and chose an other personality for HD4000 mobile with 64mb. Especially Nr. 4 or 3 should do the trick.

And please do not use anymore the tools, wiich you have used before. if you have to tinker to much, do an new install.  It is in this case easier, quicker and cleaner.

If there is no other operating system on the HD, then you should delete the partitontable completly and make new partitons. For the new install you have to use again SmBios MBP 9,2. For other kext  installing outside Pandora I use preferably KextWizard without any problems.

Before personalizing the created SmBios you should have a running system. Skip all parts after the Installation had rebooted. You should do this at the point of having a stable running Installation.


A good guide for beginners you can find here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/280756-guide-the-all-in-one-guide-to-vanilla-os-x-including-chameleon-dsdt-for-beginners/


Have fun.

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