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  1. A Guide on Fixing Sleep Issues

    localhost kernel[0]: (AppleACPIPlatform) Wake reason: GLAN XHC XDCI (Network) What should this wake reason related?
  2. iBook in new update: 367.15.10.45.f01 Is it known bug? Now the apple icon in top bar changed to some glitch and iBook glitches fixed! Seems like they changed some things but I have some glitch in iBook, not a big deal. So I'm happy with new update ;-)
  3. Metal issue still not fixed: iBook, Instruments macOS 10.12.3 {censored} APPLE {censored} NVIDIA
  4. I have error in iBook and Instrument: What's wrong? My VGA is GTX950 and I just installed last driver version: f03 I'm on Sierra 10.12.1 I had this issue on driver version: f01 too when I try to open books in iBooks, iBook's window is like a glass (Transparent) EDIT ------------------------------------------------------- Seems like, It's a known bug: https://origin-discussions-us.apple.com/thread/7683640?start=0&tstart=0 and still not fixed. shame on NVIDIA
  5. You mean, we [ivy Bridges] doesn't need to patch kernel ?
  6. My CPU is Ivy Bridge core i3-3120M in this section: Kernel Patch for Haswell CPU(Kernel XCPM) should I patch kernel or this section is only for Haswell CPUs ?!
  7. It's strange, It's worked well for more than 1 month. I was a linux user and know how run a command. I'm completely sure I did right command.
  8. I did, and I did again, but not helped. Still stuck on boot:done with blinking curser. I tried chimera too but same .
  9. Hi, my Yosemite hackintosh 10.10.5 was working perfectly, but today I restarted laptop It's stock on boot time: boot: test boot: done I used my USB installer and boot to OS X, reinstalled Enoch last version not helped. I installed chameleon last version Not helped again. I used dd if=/usr/standalon/i386/boot1h /dev/disk0r4 command by USB installer but not helped. I don't know what should I do. Please help me.