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General guide to enable Intel HD 4000 - Samsung NP550P5C (help)

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Hello there


I installed hachkintosh 10.8.2 ML on my samsung laptop.  NP550P5C


its ivy bridge, i have Nvidia GT650M and Intel HD 4000


all im trying is to get my HD 4000 working. I searched a lottt and read many guides and even saw afew successfull installation on same model of samsung laptop.

(however they are not same in specs)


Unfortunately I was not able to make it working, two times i got scrambled and noisy screen and mouse and keyboard disabled entierly!

one time i got black screen, and so...



Actually i alittle confused , because there are many different suggestions out there and im not sure which one is the best.

for example some say to put EFI string in deviceproperties , some say to change DSDT, some say to put some strange key and value in boot plist ,......


I really appreciate if someone can help me alittle. maybe its helpful for others too as i think i mixed different approaches.


Here is my situation : After installing and reboot, i had to remove Gforce..kext and all nvidia kext files and also all HD3000*.kext and HD400*.kext files to prevent my mac freezing.


Now, here is my questions :


1-Which kext files are exactly required to get my HD4000 working? do i need to copy HD4000*.kext  back?

and what about  framebuffer capri  ? do i need to put original files back and try to make it working by putting different EFI strings?


2-how many different approaches exists for this problem?


3-I tried to use this driver   http://www.osx86.net/view/3757-%5Bnew%5D_intel_hd_3000__hd_4000_10.8.3_ml_driver.html but it made my keyboard and mouse freezing :(


4-How can i make a correct EFI string without using the ready ones i can found on internet?


And my real question :

5-At the moment, i canboot my mac in normal mode and i dont have HD4000*.kext files installed. whats the next steps to enable my graphic?


I greately appreciate if someone can help me to solve this problem.


let me know if have to provide more information.


Thanks alot




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Hi thanks for answer

it was so clear and helpful. now i understand which kexts are necessary. thank you so much :thumbsup_anim:

I didn't say what i found is someone invention or imagination though!!! i just wanted to know different approaches and their differences. :rolleyes:

By the way,
i tested them all and just got black or scrambled screen , and here is your answer to that situation :


if u try all things in guide, the script to edit, dual link patch..

none of them worked...


no ideas..



any other suggestions?


What could be the reason behind it? is there so much differences between HD4000 cards?

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