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  1. Yes Artur, thank you for reply i tested these ids : 0,1,2,3,4,8,9,A,B all got black screen except 3 and 4 I also use correct EDID for monitor I don't have ability to test it with external Display myself, but we are about 4 or 5 guy with same laptop from different countries having this problem and they confirm they got correct picture and QE/CI enabled on VGA output. The strange thing is that a few person with same laptop model and same specs installed mac ML successfully. but we have this problem even with same CPU model and exactly same EDID on same laptop! i dont know its fixable or not and i am trying anything to get it working The black screens mean its absolutely wrong ig-platform-id?
  2. Hello every one I have problem making my HD 4000 working properly and i need someone to help me figure it out. I really searched a lot and tested many many different solutions with no success. Here is my situation : 1) If i use 166003 -> i can see only half of my desktop! I believe it can be fixed using Dual-Link patch but i used this patch and it make no difference! i used "AAPL01,DualLink" and also "AAPL00,DualLink" (don't know the difference though) but nothing changed 2)if i use 01660004 -> I get full picture, (also tinted and dark screen) but the problem is that several green and red pixels appear on the screen and it doesnt work properly. I attached screen-shots of this mode. Personally i think 01660003 is the correct one, but i don't know how to make enable duallink or anything else that can give me a full picture. maybe duallink is not the cause of half picture screen? I really appreciate if someone can help me on this problem. Thanks Screen-shot 2
  3. artur-pt , any more help please? My problem is these strange pixels : I used this article and forced correct EDID, but no difference
  4. Blue and green sparkling pixels : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/208410-fixing-scrambledstretched-or-wrong-resolution-laptop-display-problems/?p=1935175
  5. Hello Thank you for this useful topic. I have a problem with my HD 4000, Samsung NP550P5C , 1600x900 I followed this guide and i noticed i can get picture only using 01660003, but it was scrambled and i could see only 50% of my desktop) screen-shot Then i used doual-link patch and i get full picture , (using 01660004 this time! 01660003 does not work and its like it doesnt detect doul-link). BUT the problem is that i see a lot of Blue and green (sometimes red) pixels flickering and sparkling on my monitor also whole screen is darker than normal) here you can see sparkling pixels : http://oi43.tinypic.com/xo2oeb.jpg http://oi42.tinypic.com/qntqa9.jpg I dont now how to fix this issue, i used this topic and forced my EDID , but nothing changed. Any idea please? whats my problem and how can i try to fix it? Any help greatly appreciated. regards
  6. Hi thanks for answer it was so clear and helpful. now i understand which kexts are necessary. thank you so much I didn't say what i found is someone invention or imagination though!!! i just wanted to know different approaches and their differences. By the way, i tested them all and just got black or scrambled screen , and here is your answer to that situation : any other suggestions? What could be the reason behind it? is there so much differences between HD4000 cards?
  7. Hello there I installed hachkintosh 10.8.2 ML on my samsung laptop. NP550P5C its ivy bridge, i have Nvidia GT650M and Intel HD 4000 all im trying is to get my HD 4000 working. I searched a lottt and read many guides and even saw afew successfull installation on same model of samsung laptop. (however they are not same in specs) Unfortunately I was not able to make it working, two times i got scrambled and noisy screen and mouse and keyboard disabled entierly! one time i got black screen, and so... Actually i alittle confused , because there are many different suggestions out there and im not sure which one is the best. for example some say to put EFI string in deviceproperties , some say to change DSDT, some say to put some strange key and value in boot plist ,...... I really appreciate if someone can help me alittle. maybe its helpful for others too as i think i mixed different approaches. Here is my situation : After installing and reboot, i had to remove Gforce..kext and all nvidia kext files and also all HD3000*.kext and HD400*.kext files to prevent my mac freezing. Now, here is my questions : 1-Which kext files are exactly required to get my HD4000 working? do i need to copy HD4000*.kext back? and what about framebuffer capri ? do i need to put original files back and try to make it working by putting different EFI strings? 2-how many different approaches exists for this problem? 3-I tried to use this driver http://www.osx86.net/view/3757-%5Bnew%5D_intel_hd_3000__hd_4000_10.8.3_ml_driver.html but it made my keyboard and mouse freezing 4-How can i make a correct EFI string without using the ready ones i can found on internet? And my real question : 5-At the moment, i canboot my mac in normal mode and i dont have HD4000*.kext files installed. whats the next steps to enable my graphic? I greately appreciate if someone can help me to solve this problem. let me know if have to provide more information. Thanks alot