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Old PC, Can I Hackintosh It?


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I just dug up a Old pc which I don't intend to use with Windows 7, I was wondering if I could Install Snow Leopard on this PC, The Older the better on this PC cuz its Old? (Cause not too keen on anything 10.7+)


Anyways Here are some specs and If you could shine on light on it would be nice..

Intel Celeron 360
Socket 775 LGA
Spec: Intel Celeron D CPU 3.46GHz
Instructions: MMX,SSE,SSE2,SSE3,EM64T

Model: DQ965GF
Chipset: Intel Q965
Southbridge: Intel 82801H0 (ICH8D0)

2GB DDR2 (4x 512mb Sticks)
PC2-5300 (333MHz)

ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT
PCI-E x16



^All Info was from CPU-Z

- If I get no reply Im just gonna give it a try anyways.

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Would it just be easier to yank the GPU out and trash it and use the onboard integrated GPU?

I don't really want to spend money on a new GPU for this old pc which I'm BARELY going to use, Just wanted SL on it so I could just play around with it...

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Is it integrated graphics - that is, integrated with the CPU - or onboard graphics, meaning on the motherboard's chipset?


All the best!

AFAIK graphics integrated with CPU is iX series feature. There were only motherboard integrated graphics prior to iX CPUs.


According to the specs of DQ965GF, it's GMA 3000, so no go too.


You could also replace the CPU to Core 2 Duo and do a retail install.

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I am probably the poorest Hackintosh users here, but I would really recommend the g210 now and look at getting a Core 2 series CPU later. Vanilla installs are so nice. Most of the time there is very little work to be done to keep your Hackintosh up to date and installing it is so much easier.

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Well Might as well go look for a  g210, I doubt that I'm gonna find 1 thats refurbished for 20 bucks here in New Zealand, Maybe in the states but not here....


Anyways Thanks for the Info, I'll look into get a G210.

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