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  1. Hey MaLd0n, could you help me out with my DSDT? I've tried to patch mine in the past but would like some help this time around. I can't ever seem to get it working just right. Send me.zip
  2. JCsHands

    New macOS version hackathlon

    Well I'm out of the game. My real mac is too old to install 10.14. My 2011 MacBook Air is now deemed too old.
  3. JCsHands

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    I couldn't download it on my real MacBook Air 2011 or my hackintosh with the iMac 2011 smbios. It wasn't until I updated my SMBIOS to a 2012 iMac was I able to download it.
  4. JCsHands

    New macOS version hackathlon

    Because my only available hackintosh has an NVIDIA GPU, I don't feel like I will have a lot to contribute. But I would love to follow the progress people are making. Will there be a chat room where we/I can follow the progress and post results?
  5. JCsHands

    macOS Sierra 10.12.4 is out ...

    After seeing the same AppleACPICPU timing out error I updated to Clover 4035 and it my system is working again.
  6. JCsHands

    macOS Sierra 10.12.4 is out ...

    Same here, I have the GA-B85M-DS3H, i5-4570S, and using the iGPU. I'm not with the system now, I know that I have it set to EFI only... I'm hoping you can find an easy fix before I go home to play with it.
  7. You need a Late 2009 iMac or greater. If this is a Hack you can try just modifying your SMBIOS. http://www.apple.com/macos/how-to-upgrade/
  8. JCsHands

    OS X El Capitan 10.11 is out ...

    So if I have updated Clover, can I update straight from MAS and go on my way, or do I need to disable rootless?
  9. JCsHands


    I am trying to use this kext on Yosemite, the kext loads but the device is listed as "unknown" in the PCI section of System Information. It is also listed in the Network Preferences, but doesn't detect that the cable is connected. Has anyone had any luck with this kext on Yosemite? Intel Corporation 82541PI Gigabit Ethernet Controller [8086:107c] (rev 05)
  10. JCsHands

    My upcoming hackingtosh build.

    MyHack is awesome. The only time I have had any problems is when I choose the wrong media.
  11. JCsHands

    Enable Dark Mode

    I don't know if it's your screenshot or not, but it looks like it's not quite ready for prime time. How do all the menus and windows look?
  12. Boot into Single User Mode, mount the drive "/sbin/mount -us /" move into the /S/L/E directory and then delete all the AppleIntelHD kexts. rm -r AppleIntelHD* Sorry I am on my iPad right now, if you need more help I can post more later.
  13. Just wanted to add that when I see this it is related to my graphics card, so I have to boot into single user mode and delete the intel kext files.
  14. I resolved the issue, I had to remove the Intel Vide drivers. Once those were out of the way it started to work.
  15. I have been using Clover as my bootloader for quite some time now, I was able to install Yosemite, copy the FakeSMC, and later a NullCPU, kext over to the /S/L/E of my new installation, but no matter the combination of flags or boot args, I can't get past this kernel panic. I can boot into single user mode, ensure FakeSMC is running, watch as DSMOS arrive and NVIDIA starts, but then I get the kernel panic and have to restart. Adding some new found information. It looks like the issue has something to do with AppleOSXWatchdog.kext. I am attaching a screenshot, or the video I recorded while trying to catch the actual error. Has anyone else run into this issue? This is on my Dell Vostro 270 CPU: i3-3220 GPU: NVIDIA GT 610 I am attaching my Clover Config, I have been manually modifying the boot args each time to just "kext-dev-mode=1 -s"