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Broadcom BCM43228 Driver on mountain lion

Dennis Lee

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Hi everybody


I got the Mountain lion installed perfectly on my Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe. Clover worked like a magic when injecting graphics drivers, and I'm able to use full HD4000 acceleration.


One of the only 2 problem:

The BCM43228 wifi card is not working. And I dont have wired ethernet connection. So for now I'm using HOrNDis and USB tethering on my Note 2 to go internet.


Is there any way I can get the wifi card working? There is a BCM43224.kext in IO80211Family.kext/Plugins. Will adding the pci vendor and hardware ID to info.plist help?


Why must we rebrand some cards and how does it works?

Why cant we just modify the kext instead of rebranding?


Is there any way to get the bluetooth of that card working also?


Thank you.


Another problem is that when backpanel and frontpanel audio are all plugged in only back panel one is used. Maybe the front panel audio was never enabled. But this might be a bit off topic... :wink_anim:

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